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Choosing a Variety of Promotional Items for Your Office

October 27th, 2016

It is important that when selecting promotional items or promotional gifts for your office, that you choose a wide variety of them. It would be unwise to only invest in one promotional item for your business or organisation. By mixing a variety of promotional items, you can be sure to target the right audience and have the right promotional item for the right time.

By having a few different promotional items on hand at any given time, you can create a basket of promotional items to give to your staff or clients. This will surely show them how much you care and ensure that your promotional message gets added visibility.

There is a wide variety of promotional items that you can include in your portfolio. These range from inexpensive promotional plastic pens and coffee mugs to more expensive executive engraved pen sets and business bags, there is something that is perfect for any business, organization or occasion. You can easily find a promotional item or product to fit into your advertising and promotional item budget, as well as being able to use a variety of promotional items to fill out your stock. Promotional items start from as little as a few pence and can range in price to the hundreds of pounds it is all about gauging your target market and finding the right product to suit their specific needs.

Promotional items are a great thing to have in your office at any given time to use as promotional gifts to clients or as a surprise gift to staff. Furthermore, these regular promotional items such as plastic pens, desk clocks, calculators, note pads, mouse mats, and memo holders declare your company name and not much more than that are great for any occasion.

You can also purchase promotional items for a specific promotion, item or service that you are promoting for a period of time. Handing out nifty, novelty or unique promotional items for a new promotion is a great way to get business to come it.

Promotional items and promotional products are really a form of advertising for your business and more often than not an inexpensive one at that. Your promotional items, whether it’s a pen, a mug, an umbrella or a conference bag, are in the hands of people all the time, and what advertising can you say does that for you, time and time again for a lot less money than an advertisement in the newspaper or trade magazine costs? Promotional items are a much better form of advertising and on a per-advert basis are much less expensive and get more face time with your current clients and potential new clients.

Ensure that you have a variety of promotional items and gifts for your office to promote itself. You won’t be sorry you did - your promotional items will be the most worthy of your advertising pounds that you’ve ever spent, and you will be able to have them on hand for whatever occasion you may need them for.

Promotional Items Coasters - Effective and Inexpensive

October 23rd, 2016

Every organisation is always on a look out for effective and efficient promotional and marketing strategies. The most favoured, effective and prevalent form of promotional activities is distributing of promotional items among potential customers, existing and potential clients and employees. This is a common trend as it is not only an efficient and affordable way of promotion but also for introduction and advertising one’s products, services and brand name. There is a long list of promotional items coasters, mugs, t-shirts, notepads, pens, conference folders, stationary, and many others.

How are These Items Promotional?

Every company personalises these items by adding their company logo, organisation’s motto or products’ names and images on these items and give them a promotional dimension. These items with the printed logo and motto of the company can be then handed out to the desired targeted recipients like customers, clients and employees. This way it not only does the promotion of your products, services or brand but it also makes people aware about them.

Earlier these promotional items were only used to increase the popularity or awareness about a product or company’s brand but now these are much more than just a publicity stunt. These promotional items are used to motivate and appreciate hard working and loyal employees. These are also used for recognising the good relationship shared with a business partner or client. These can also be used to gift out to your customers, clients and employees when the company has achieved a milestone like on anniversary, good turnover, etc and also on the personal events in the lives of the employees and clients like on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Some of these promotional items coasters, mugs, t-shirts, cap, etc can be made only for a project and people linked with that project. These can be gifted to them for motivation or for appreciating their efforts on the success of the project. Thus, these promotional items not only serve the purpose of spreading awareness or popularising a product or company’s brand, but also are good for appreciating and motivating employees and clients.

Promotional Items Coasters: Coasters are one of the best and most effective promotional items.Coasters are something, which are practical, and a utility item. The recipient can put these at use at their work place or at their homes. As these can easily be put to use by the recipients and can catch their attention easily. These are inexpensive and can fit any size of budget. These come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, designs, and prints and can also be customised by printing your company’s logo, motto, product names, images, and website address or e-mail address on them. If you are looking for something exceptional and apart from the usual to be eye catchy then you can buy some entertaining and attractive coasters like the ones with some sort of a puzzle on the, some cheesy one liners printed on them, with a game like snakes and ladder printed on them, etc for your promotional purposes.


Inexpensive Promotional Items - Some Great Ideas

October 13th, 2016

Inexpensive promotional items as the name suggests help accomplish your business goals on a budget. When companies desirous of promotional giveaways think of selecting items as gifts, certain items automatically come into their minds like pens, notepads, caps and t-shirts etc. but they all involve some amount of money to be spend on purchasing such items. Thus, in this era with troubled economies and shrinking profit margins, time has come to include inexpensive promotional items in your list to act as powerful promotional giveaway tools.

The main motive behind such inexpensive promotional items is to grab attention of customers’ at large, communicating messages, building brand image among an array of potential customers. Thus main goal is to market and promote your company with low priced promotional items. You get an advantage of either bulk purchases or less expense on your pocket along with improving your market share and business goodwill.

Moreover, there are various uses available at your doorstep, such as tradeshow giveaways, distributing at corporate events, recognition awards, or as a thank you gift to customers and employees. Conferences, tradeshows and seminars have a large volume of traffic due to which it becomes easier to giveaway items to freebies and visitors.

At times of tough financial times, companies look for alternative and innovative ideas to thank their employees, partners, customers and vendors. It really does not matter what kind of item you chose but they surely prove to be inexpensive and affordable giveaways to meet company’s personal, professional and business objectives. Following are some useful tips to choose inexpensive promotional items:

1. First thing is that all product distributors represent many suppliers together. They offer same products as their competitors but may vary in quality. Therefore to ensure the right item order a sample first so as to make your item unique.

2. In order to lower down your costs, order as early as possible. By acting early you can utilize normal production duration in other activities rather than acting in haste. Also supplier gets ample opportunity to select the cheapest route of transportation or shipping charges.

3. Another way to have inexpensive promotional items is to order in bulk. It is a normal practice where more you buy, more discount and offers you will receive. Many suppliers offer such discounts on bulk purchases to distributors. However, it may happen that in lieu of heavy discount quality at your end suffer. But still there is no ill effect of trying at least.

4. If item to be distributed is yet not selected then inquiring through your professional distributor about special items is a crucial aspect. This way you can locate excellent inexpensive promotional items on your part. Use these inexpensive promotional items and build a strong image of your brand in the eyes of your customers and reap profits.


Categories and Uses of Promotional Items

October 13th, 2016

Promotional items are usually called as identity products and advertising specialties, imprinted with a company’s logo, name or message. These items or products also include decorative or useful articles of merchandise that are useful for educational, communication and marketing programs.

What are the four categories of promotional items?

The four categories of promotional items are: Advertising specialties, premiums, loss leaders and business gifts.

1.Advertising specialties are those imprinted items that are given away for free.
2.Premiums are those imprinted products that are given as an incentive for some action.
3.Loss leaders, sometimes are those imprinted items that are sold at cost. They can provide free advertising.
4.Awards, business gifts and commemorative s are also considered to be promotional items.

What are the uses of promotional items?

There are various uses of promotional items as these products or items can not only be used alone but can also be integrated with other media in various effective and interesting ways. Popular uses are: Employee relations, business gifts, orientation programs, corporate communications, incentives (for work, purchasing and safety programs) and trade show handouts. They excel at encouraging particular actions such as filling out a form, responding to a survey etc.

Other effective uses of these items include:

Company stores
Sales or distribution programs
Marketing research
Promotion of brand awareness
Co-op programs
Incentive programs
Nonprofit fund raising
Encouraging brand loyalty
Public awareness campaigns
Generating new customers or new accounts
New product or service introductions

Available Items

There are around tens of thousands of different styles and types of promotional items. A list of common items include: calendars, pens, bags, T-shirts, cups, caps, mugs, calculators, napkins, key chains, desk and computer accessories, bumper stickers, totes, yard signs, decals, labels etc.

Industry Statistics

Through professional promotional products distributors, advertisers have been spent more than $14.9 billion in 1999 and more than $17 billion in 2000 on items purchased. The Promotional Products Association has found the top product categories (from the bottom) and the percentage of the market that are as below:

Marketing research - 1%
Customer Referral - 2.8%
Non-Profit Programs - 3.2%
Internal Promotions - 4.6%
Safety Education/Incentives - 4.4%
New Customer/Account Generation - 4.8%
Trade Shows - 5.7%
Employee Service Awards - 6.4%
Public Relations - 7.1%
Brand Awareness - 8.3%
New Product/Service Introduction - 8.7%
Employee Relations & Events - 10%
Dealer/Distributor Programs - 14.9%
Business Gifts - 17.6%

Promotional products marketing can be fits easily into any advertising budget. These products increase the effectiveness of other advertising media and can be directed to selected audiences, which dramatically increases their effectiveness.


Understanding the Concept of Promotional Items

October 10th, 2016

More than a tool for advertisement, Promotional Items can last longer than expected. Promotional items Brisbane are the favorite giveaways that companies use in promoting their brand. These items definitely last for several months after customers have acquired them and find good use of these stuffs at home or in the office. Promotional Items are simply cost-effective, functional, and ultimately free. Hence, if you are considering buying some items and imprinting your company information on them, the following are some concepts to help you understand how Promotional Items work.

The Practice of Promotional Freebies

The freebies that you receive during trade shows, events, or even by simply purchasing a brand are referred to as Promotional Items. The use of these stuffs is a common practice incorporated by most businesses today and even other school institutions, civic organisations, or fundraising events that aim to reward consumers or participants for their support. There are also banks and finance organisations that use Promotional Items to promote their services.

Attracting Customers

When a business or company uses promotional items Brisbane for marketing, the result is a win-win situation for everybody. This is because the company and the customer benefits from this small gesture of giving out useful items. While the company enjoys unlimited advertising benefit, it also acquires new customer loyalty. In turn, when the customer finds good use of the promo product, then the consumer-business relationship is established.

Strong Recall Advantage

So why do companies need to use these Promotional Items? This is because every business needs to advertise. Although there are many other forms of advertisement, nothing virtually precedes the benefit that companies get from using promo items. Instead of spending a lot of money for television and print ads, promo items provide the most cost-effective way to market your brand. And because consumers certainly use these items, the more they will remember and associate your brand with the functional items you give out.

Big Bargain for Your Company

Promo products offer the biggest bargain for your company. If you are working on a budget for your next marketing campaign, then ordering bulks of promo products will help you get discounts on wholesale purchase. There are websites that offer great discounts when you buy wholesale. Just be sure to check whether the supplier is trusted and reliable enough to carry out your promo needs. Also, the more you plan your design to be interesting, the more advantageous it would be for your product recall.


Promotional Items: Are They Just for Business?

October 8th, 2016

Promotion is in every aspect of daily life whether it is at breakfast reading the back of a cereal box, listening to the radio absently gazing at the billboards on the way to work or in the evening watching your favorite television show we are bombarded constantly with advertisement of one sort or another.

The internet has become one seething electronic advertisement touting everything from good looks are possible for you too, then finding just the perfect person to spend your life with, not to forget the ever present get rich quick formulas to make your life complete. A never ending plethora of promotion it would seem. STOP, let me get off here you say to yourself.

The scenario plays out day after day until refreshment takes place as something useful is presented. Finally something I can actually use in this day of media frenzy we say to ourselves. What is this magical thing that has come into our everyday existence? Is it a bird, a plane, no it’s a useful promotional item! Really getting down to the meat of the subject do you only receive a promotional item when someone calls on you at your business? No, as you attend various events in your life organizations come into play. Donated blood at the blood drive and we received what, an imprinted t-shirt with the organization’s logo. As intentions are good in distributing promotional items for organizations we accept the shirt and wear it promoting that organization as well as their particular message. What about paying to receive promotion? We say never until approached by a school child to purchase promotional items for schools aka booster items throughout the school year.

Reflecting on the former elements it would seem that imprinted items are not just for business. Let us explore further this elusive device. Promotional items for business are in fact imprinted products that are intended to bring about brand recognition and ideally be utilized either in the workplace or to promote awareness, products-services to a consumer. Selection of business promotional items is predicated upon the promotion target market. Business to business promotion would utilize items such as pens and custom sticky notes printed with a company logo for everyday in-office advertising. Special corporate events or higher revenue yielding clients can warrant promotional travel mugs fully satisfying their business worth. On the other hand business to consumer promotion would entail a useful logo imprinted promotional rain gauges or thermometers for examples of at the home promotion.

Promotional items for business are in fact used for targeting brand recognition, advertising to consumers, charitable organization participants, schools as well as for business promotion.


Why Online Is the Best Place for Choosing Promotional Items?

September 30th, 2016

We all require promotional items to quench our promotional thirsts. They have a great deal of benefits to offer to the user. Promotional items might be the best business tool around but when it comes to procuring these promotional items one can gave a hard time. Looking for the promotional item that you want is not easy. The best way to procure these promotional items is to buy them online. Shopping online for promotional items is a smart idea and can offer you many advantages over shopping the conventional way.

The first and foremost reason of choosing to buy promotional items online is that when you choose to buy online and you get to check out a wide variety of promotional items. Manufactures display the entire range of promotional items they have so that you get to select the right kind of products. This will definitely not be there if you choose to go for buying promotional items the conventional way.

Apart from opening you to a wide variety of promotional items and flooding you with options online shopping also provides you a platform for comparative analysis. You get to check out the various options available to you and compare them in terms of pricing and quality in a very simple and easy manner.

It is said that time is money and the kind of busy lives that we all lead today this statement holds all the more relevance. Online shopping helps you save from the hassle of traveling here and there and checking out every store possible to get the promotional item that you want. When you choose to buy promotional items online you not only save your time but also get to do the job very conveniently and very easily.

Shopping online for promotional items also adds to our convenience bit. You don’t have to run from store to stare checking out everything they have or go on flipping the pages of a catalogue endlessly. You can just sit back and relax and order the kind of promotional item you want right from the comfort of your desk.

Online thus makes for the best place for buying promotional items as you get to check put a lot many options. Also you get to avail the best of process that re on offer. Thus by shopping online you get to save on everything from time, money, and energy.

Superior Promos is a promotional item distributor that specializes in selling promotional products online. The company strives to provide the best customer service around and makes it its #1 priority. Items can be sourced and found from scratch, making a client’s search for the perfect promotional materials that much easier. On top of the credit Superior Promos has received for its website, the company has also received a Davey Silver Award and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. To learn more about Superior Promos or to check out some of the products on your own, please visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/

Promo items

What Is A Promotional Item?

September 28th, 2016

A promotional item is an article of merchandise that is used as marketing an advertising. A promotional item usually has the company name, logo and or message emblazoned on them. Promotional items are also commonly used for advertising specials, gifts to clients, awards and commemorative awards for staff and premiums. Promotional items are usually found at trade shows and in mail order, however many promotional items are given away in increasing numbers in other ways and means as well as part of a marketing campaign.

Today, many businesses distribute promotional items to target markets of potential clients which generates measurable results, especially when you consider the cost of many promotional items to be quite inexpensive.

Many politicians also use promotional items to promote their candidates and causes. Promotional items can be found in schools and organizations as well as awareness raising campaigns or to help raise funds for the program.

There are many examples of promotional items available online and they include:

  • Promotional pens
  • Promotional mugs
  • Promotional mouse mats
  • bags and folders
  • clothing such as t-shirts
  • caps
  • desk top sets
  • Promotional Umbrellas
  • clocks and watches.
  • computer accessories
  • calculators
  • mobile phone holders
  • stress toys
  • fridge magnets
  • games and puzzles
  • golf gifts
  • confectionary
  • badges
  • bumper stickers
  • air fresheners
  • balloons
  • boomerangs
  • crystal
  • glassware
  • Frisbees
  • lanyards
  • letter openers
  • magic cubes
  • money boxes
  • photograph frames
  • clappers and rattlers
  • stickers
  • tax disc holders
  • whistles
  • wine and accessories
  • yo-yos
  • And many, many more promotional items that are neat, interesting and unique.

Superior Promos is a promotional item distributor that specializes in selling promotional products online. The company strives to provide the best customer service around and makes it its #1 priority. Items can be sourced and found from scratch, making a client’s search for the perfect promotional materials that much easier. On top of the credit Superior Promos has received for its website, the company has also received a Davey Silver Award and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. To learn more about Superior Promos or to check out some of the products on your own, please visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/


Promote Your Business Quickly and Affordably With Promotional Items

September 25th, 2016

When a business is in need of promotional products, an increasing number of companies are relying on exporters and wholesalers. This makes it possible to quickly and affordably stock up on promotional products and corporate gifts. Each promotional item will bring exposure and profit to the business, provided they are wisely selected.

Customized promotional and corporate gifts are an excellent way for a business to promote employee loyalty. Overall, promotional items are a great solution for motivating personnel and staff as well as reaching out to prospective clients. Furthermore, they increase the popularity of your company’s brand throughout your market, making your company better known. Since consumers typically buy from businesses they know and trust, it can help to increase your company’s revenues. This can be of a great benefit whether you are in a new business just starting out or you are an established business looking to expand into new territory.

Many companies choose to place their logo on the promotional items they choose. Consequently, it allows their promotional gifts to serve double duty by also marketing their company. When you select the right promotional items, such as corporate clothing, you can be sure that your corporate gifts will be around for a long time to market your business. These types of promotional items are typically highly valued and kept for many years to come.

Suppliers specializing in the wholesaler industry understand that in order for their promotional products reach a target market, the items they provide must be usable and popular. Therefore, bags, wallets, bottles, folders and corporate clothing are frequently used as promotional items and corporate gifts. Your business logo can be easily shown off on any of the promotional products you choose, making it more familiar to your existing clients and prospective customers. Wherever they take or use your promotional item, it will be on display for others to see. These types of promotional items can provide your business with advertising returns well into the future.

When choosing your promotional products, it is of extreme importance that you take care in the selection of the exporter or wholesaler you choose. Selecting a company that offers low prices will allow you to stop of on promotional products at a wholesaler rate.

Superior Promos offers a range of products to clients looking to promote their brand including custom t-shirts, custom tote bags, promotional pens and koozies – even selfie sticks. Shoppers are guaranteed on-time delivery, price matching, 100 percent quality control and no markup on shipping.

To learn more about Superior Promos or to check out some of the products on your own, please visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/

Superior Promos Makes Online Ordering Easy with a New and Improved Mobile Website

July 31st, 2015

With more than 10,000 products available to choose from, Superior Promos specializes in distributing promotional products to clients with a variety of marketing needs. Thanks to the newly upgraded mobile website, making an online order is just a few clicks away.

The Superior Promos mobile site makes shopping effortless with its quick navigation tools and user-friendly interface. Not only will the website act as a place to purchase promotional items, but it will also provide clients with the opportunity to learn more about what types of promotional materials are available on the marketplace today.

“The reason why we decided to upgrade is because we noticed that more and more users are on the go, and that they’re using their mobile device and tablets to access our services,” said CEO Pablo Edwards. “Our new mobile site will streamline our offerings and allow users to access us more easily.”

Superior Promos offers a range of products to clients looking to promote their brand including custom t-shirts, custom tote bags, promotional pens and koozies – even selfie sticks. Shoppers are guaranteed on-time delivery, price matching, 100 percent quality control and no markup on shipping.

Over the past few years, Superior Promos has gained extensive recognition for its services, products and website. The company’s online presence has received accolades and awards from the Syphon Group and the Advertising Specialty Institute.

Client testimonials praise Superior Promos for the quality of its products, exceptional service and accommodating mentality of the staff. Adding, the website made placing and tracking orders simple and hassle-free.

Orders can be placed online or over the phone. At no additional cost, clients have the option to work with a professional art department who will help them design their promotional materials. Free digital proofs must be approved by the client prior to production. Shipping dates are set between 24 and 48 hours after the order is sent to production and can be expedited.

Clients are guaranteed superior prices, quality, service and products.

Superior Promos is a promotional item distributor that specializes in selling promotional products online. The company strives to provide the best customer service around and makes it its #1 priority. Items can be sourced and found from scratch, making a client’s search for the perfect promotional materials that much easier. On top of the credit Superior Promos has received for its website, the company has also received a Davey Silver Award and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. To learn more about Superior Promos or to check out some of the products on your own, please visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/