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Promotional Pens Tops Political Giveaways

October 11th, 2017

Credit to ASI
The votes are in - political candidates prefer writing instruments!

Effective Use of Promotional Products in Trade Shows

January 22nd, 2017

Many companies seek to know how effective promotional products are in trade shows. An item with a high perceived value can be an effective promotional product. It can help your booth stand out from the stiff competition.

Nevertheless, some exhibitors spend a lot of money on giveaways that attract visitors, but make no or little impression on potential buyers. An effective promotional product issued in trade shows can convey the brand’s positioning message, help educate the target audience about the company and promote the business.

· Choice of promotional products

A promotional item should feature prominently the company’s name, logo and contacts. In addition, the item should be able to complement the company’s image and theme of the trade show booth. This can go a long way in drawing the interest of potential customers to your display.

Make sure the giveaway is viewed by prospects as a valuable object that people would like to keep. For example, reusable items like promotional mugs and t-shirts can help keep the company’s brand visible to prospects over time, while discount vouchers or gift certificates convey value. Furthermore, they serve as an incentive for future contacts with the business.

Samples on DVDs or product demos tend to carry a high appeal among the targeted audience. Items with function and utility, such as “how to” booklets or tip sheets are more likely to be kept.

· Brand-building strategies

A crowded exhibition hall may seem appropriate for generating viable leads and improving sales. However, with the large numbers of distractions and competition in a typical trade show, promotional items can help attract more attendees to your booth.

Imprinted promotional items can play a critical role in the brand-building strategies, as long as they are successful in motivating visitors to the company’s booth to help them learn about the brand or product. An effective promotional product can draw traffic, create recalls after the trade show and facilitate contacts in a special, memorable way to potential customers.

· Effective use of promotional products

The way you end up distributing your promotional giveaways can make a huge difference in the products perceived value. Hence, you should avoid stacking your supplies on the table for anyone to take, because this is likely to diminish the item’s value. Instead, you should resort to selectively and personally handing out promotional items to potential customers.

A thoughtful distribution of giveaways will offer a more memorable experience to prospects. In addition, it will serve as an important avenue in showing your appreciation for visits made to your booth.

Yardsticks Are Economical, Impressive Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

Yardsticks… can there be a more commonly used tool by clients of all ages, in all walks of life and it is an item that has certainly withstood the test of time. Measuring sticks probably predate Anglo-Saxon times but it took until the early twentieth century to emerge as a great advertising tool and have in more recent years made a dynamic impression on the Promotional Products industry.

Why, you ask. Well, they are such a handy, practical, and well proven tool and sometime or other everyone has to measure up. They provide a significant display area for your logo or message, they come in a range of materials, the color selections vary to compliment your logo or brand enhancement, they are a more reasonably priced Promo item which is used universally, and one more very important and desirable feature, these measuring tools are Made in the USA.

Go that extra yard with a timeless favorite yardstick for an impressive handout at your next tradeshow whether it be a home improvement show, a builder’s show, a convention or any special event. Find an online promotional products company that has marketing staff that is experienced and ready to assist you in selecting the right yardstick or ruler for your event and will help select the best item with a display area to suit your name or logo and help in the color selection to best coordinate with your logo or message color. There are many styles available which include includes the popular natural wood finishes, in a bright neon color or a more subdued shade or the very popular enameled wood surfaces. They are constructed from quality lumber to insure a quality end product for your promotional products dollar.

There is also models of yardsticks which include a wide variety of finishes from the vibrantly colored to the more subdued color range or clear lacquer finished woods, natural woods, and in the standard 1/4″ or 3/8″ more heavy duty thickness, or in narrow to extra wide widths. The wider width item is a wise selection with the added advertising or message space with the extra advantage of placing the advertising imprint on either one or both sides. Also available are variety of walking sticks with the wrist strap in our yardstick category. Check out the three-section folding 36″ yardstick in natural, custom, or fluorescent colors and they are printed in “inch” or “metric” increments. Added details to be considered in your selection is whether or not you want a “hang” hole at the end of the stick or whether you want metal tipped ends on the stick for increased longevity.

Like the yardsticks they are a cost-effective promotional product with great potential for displaying your logo and contact details on one side or both sides. They are available in wood and plastic, in a natural or lacquer finish and in wood tone, fluorescent or neon colors. The rulers come in 6″, 12″ and 15″ sizes and with increments imprinted in, standard inches or in the metric system. The ruler is a handy advertisement tool for any desk and not only for measuring purposes displaying your contact details but also think of it when so often a straight edge is what you need. It becomes a quick conversion tool when both inch and metric increments are printed down the edges. Think of it too as a standard tool in your briefcase where a ruler or folding yardstick can easily be tucked in. Every desk or work station needs one. There are so many purposes for a relatively inexpensive gift continuously displaying your logo and contact details for years and years to come. The custom ruler is a handy size for a promotional product gift and a welcome handout for conventions, tradeshows, and academic events. Check us out-out friendly pricing will surprise you.

The yardstick is an impressive handout for your special event or tradeshow. The yardstick, walking stick, or ruler is an economically inexpensive entry into the promotional products industry and it’s an item displaying your logo or message that will be hanging around for years. It is a real bang for your promotional products buck that carries unsurpassed longevity.

Promote and Build Brand Awareness With Unique Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

When it comes to promoting your business and getting the best return on investment for every dollar you spend, promotional products still remain one of the top ways for businesses to gain customers and maintain client relationships. Although online advertising may seem like a viable solution for a promotional campaign, promotional products can still deliver a lower customer acquisition cost and a better ratio. Promotional products such as coffee mugs, pens, notebooks, water bottles, or cups continue to advertise your brand as long as they are around while on the other hand, once your pay per click budget is gone, so is your online marketing.

People are drawn to online marketing, because it seems easy. However, there are many fallbacks to online marketing and paid online advertising campaigns when compared to physical promotional products. For example, when you start advertising online, you have to decide which route you want to take. With more and more customers blocking ads worldwide, it is harder for you to reach your audience. If your customer is not seeing the ad, then you are not getting a conversion. With online advertising, you have to research your targeted market and keywords for that specific market. One wrong keyword and you have blown your budget.

If that is not enough, another major drawback to online advertising when compared to utilizing promotional company or brand products is that competitors may click on your ad if you list it via a search engine and it will cost you money. This is a known tactic that some online competitors do and they will even get their friends in on it as well. This will exhaust your budget and leave you without any new customers for your business! Some may think advertising on Facebook is simple and essential but the reality is that it is not easy and it can be difficult to have your ads be relevant to your targeted market.

An embroidered cap or printed t-shirt will continue to advertise your brand long after your online advertising. Promotional products make the best marketing tools. Any business that is serious about creating and maintaining their brand identity utilizes these everyday products to trigger brand recognition in the public.

There is a wide range of items available for businesses to distribute that go beyond the standard items. There are items that can be branded with any company like embroidered shirts, clocks, memo holders, key chains, flashlights, anodized knives, metal tape measurers, and much more! All of these give potential customers something physical to remember your business by and make a great impression. Let your regular clients know you appreciate their business by sending them a gift with your custom logo. You will not only make their day with your gift, but you will be subtly advertising your brand.

Embroidered shirts, mousepads, and cups with your company’s logo cannot be blocked like online ads, nor can the budget be blown overnight like a pay per click campaign. Promotional products have been and still are a viable way to grow and promote your business and brand identity.

Custom Promotional Products, The Most Cost Effective Form of Marketing

January 22nd, 2017

When it comes to marketing your brand, there are several avenues you can take and all of them can lead to certain degrees of success. However, some are more effective than others. Choosing the right method for your company can mean the difference between your company growing, and your company sinking like so many others over the recent years.

So exactly which one is the best for your company to use? One of the most cost effective forms of marketing available today is by using promotional items to send your message to your clients and prospects. The effect of these items on consumers is very positive. In fact, 83% of consumers that surveyed in a recent study, stated that they like receiving promotional products that contained a message from the company that sent it. Additionally, 38% said these promotional items served as a constant reminder of the company that sent it.

Making It Useful Makes It Effective

Consumers that were offered free promotional products while at an event, tradeshows or malls for example, said they would take one if they found it useful. Ensuring that you are using items that are found to be useful by your audience is the key to cost effective marketing when using promotional items as you medium to deliver your message.

The average consumer is flooded with advertising on a nearly daily basis. One of the challenges you are going to face is cutting through all of the marketing clutter your target audience deals with and make your message stand out from the pack. Promotional items and corporate gifts are great tools for helping you to achieve this. With your brand professionally imprinted on a high quality promotional gift, it will bring more attention to your company while at the same time, setting it in a positive light. This method is so effective, in a recent study, a staggering 76% of those that had received a promotional item, could remember the company, the item, and the message the company was communicating to their audience.

Residual Effect

Because they possess great staying power due to their usefulness, promotional items have an outstanding residual effect on your marketing campaign. Your high quality promotional item will be integrated into the life of your clients or prospects, professionally, personally, or possibly both. In another study revolving around the subject of promotional products, 91% of the participants involved, stated that they had a promotional item in their kitchen, 74% had one in their work areas, and 55% had at least one promotional item in the closet in their bedroom or in a storage area.

Best Products to Promote

January 22nd, 2017

Discovering your Market Niche

The use of the Internet has created a place for people to spend time and money. There are many jobs for sales representatives. Which are the best items to market? First you will need to ask yourself some important questions.

1. What are my interests? Let’s get started think of your profession or hobbies: camping, accounting, teaching, swimming and cooking. Make sure you can establish authority on the subject. Your readers need to know that you are sincere and really want to help them. Also show passion because it is contagious. People will be talking about your products.

2. How can my interests provide a solution for someone else? What is the solution? Make the product worth their money by stating in detail the product’s services, features and benefits. Tell the customer about the products strengths and weaknesses, this will help establish sincerity.

3. Are there products available to provide a solution? If so than this can grow into something that is profitable. Let’s look at the topic of Pet Care. There are many things a person needs to buy to take care of a pet. An owner would need to buy food, collars and leashes and bathing products. The shopping is long. If writer offers a good solution chances are they will be a customer for life.

4. Who am I trying to help? Who is more likely to read my advertisements or blogs? Keep products relevant to their age, sex, geographic location and ethnic background.

As an affiliate once you have recruited your customer, customer services takes care of all necessary correspondence. Your work is done. Customer services will also inform them of special sales, deals, new products and much more. Ideally you could have life time customers.

There are many ways to market the products. In my opinion blogs and websites work best and most successful affiliates are bloggers. Affiliate bloggers write articles about third party products; their writings help establish them as a professional in the business. It is because many people use search engines to find answers. Blogs cost less money than websites. Arvixe is a great hosting company for blogs and websites. Many companies do provide target web pages which are great for tracking your marketing results. However only blogs and websites can be found in search engines. Search engines are able to read words just like humans do. Humans will type in one to five key words into the search engine. Then the search engines use the first three words of a title to locate the best fitting information for the humans.

Product Promotion On A Budget

January 22nd, 2017

There are a lot of companies that a product manager can work for and it sure feels like I’ve worked for many of them. During my career so far, I’ve worked for four very large international firms and four startups. I can tell you that when I’ve been working for a startup, money has always been tight. However, as a product manager, I still needed to let customers know about my product and why they needed it. Product promotion on a budget is a skill that every product manager needs to have!

The Problem With Getting Attention

One of the main ways that a small startup can get some attention is by attending a trade show. Trade shows are a great place to be because your customers will be there and they expect to see vendors there - they are ready to be sold to. All of a sudden you have as much of a chance of getting your potential customer’s attention and telling them about your product development definition as the big boys do. However, as we all know, a trade show can be a busy, crowded, messy place. You are going to have to work hard to get your customer’s attention.

When I’ve been working for the big boys, getting a customer’s attention was a relatively straightforward process. First off, we always had a big booth. This made it easy for our customers to find us. Next, we made sure that our booth was well staffed - if a customer dropped by, there would always be someone knowledgeable about our product there. Finally, we generally had a professional presenter give a show once an hour in our booth talking about all of the new things that we were bragging about at this show. People who sat through the show were entered into a contest to win a valuable prize such as a iPad, Kindle, or some sort of Bluetooth device.

When I’ve been working at startups, the world has been considerably different. We haven’t had a big fancy setup. Instead, more often than not we’ve had a table with a banner on it. That’s it. Our staffing of the table has been slim. Generally there are just two of us there because that is all that the company could afford to send to the show - now there’s something to add to your product manager resume! Finally, we had no big ticket items to give away. This is where my product management skills came into play. I always like to give away chocolate - everyone in the world loves chocolate. I’ll buy chocolate bars, take off the paper wrapper (not the foil wrapper), and then rewrap them with a wrapper that I’ve made that talks about why my product is so great. Once people at the show learn that I’m giving out chocolate, they come flocking to my little table.

The Problem With Remembering Who You Are

No matter how much chocolate you give away at the show, you want your potential customers to remember you long after the show is over. In order to make this happen you are going to have to get them to pick up and keep some of your product’s promotional literature. This of course means that long before the show starts you are going to have to create the material that you are going to want to be handing out to them.

While working for large firms, I have become the master of creating promotional literature for my products. For every trade show I’d show up with US$100’s of printed material. When potential customers dropped by the booth, I’d make sure to hand them one copy of everything that I had and if when the show was over if I had given away most of what I had brought, then I felt as though I had been successful. I never really gave much thought to what everyone did (or didn’t) do with what I gave to them. I will confess there were a few times that I discovered my material in a trash can on the show floor.

Once again, things were very different when I’ve been working for startups. We simply didn’t have enough cash to create lots and lots of promotional material. What this meant is that we had to be smart about what we did. Two things that I’ve done that have worked out well have been to create an odd sized booklet: 3″ x 6″. This fits into a suit coat pocket well and does not look like any other vendors material. Additionally, I’ve written and self-published a book. Unlike other promotional material, nobody will throw a book away - they’ll take it home and put it on a shelf somewhere.

Another thing that we had to do when I’ve been working for startups is to be a bit more careful who we gave our promotional material to. Since we had a limited supply, we couldn’t just hand it out to anyone who passed by our table. Instead, we had to have a chat with them and evaluate their level of interest. If they seemed like they might really have a need for a product like ours, then we’d give them some of our literature. If they said that they were a decision maker, then we’d give it all to them!

What All Of This Means For You

In tough times and when working for startups, product managers have to get used to doing more with less. This should almost be a part of a startup’s product manager job description. Large firms come with large budgets and so when you attend a trade show you’ll have the cash that you’ll need in order to do the show the right way. If you are working for a startup, then you’re going to be on a budget and you’re going to have to do things just a bit more carefully.

Startups have to approach a trade show differently than a large firm will. One of the most important things that they have to figure out how to do is how to capture a potential customer’s attention. My approach has always been to give away chocolate. Once people learn that I’m doing this, I always have a line at my booth. The next challenge that a startup has to solve is how to be remembered. I’ve tried to accomplish this by creating oddly shaped promotional material and by writing and giving away a book.

Limited funds means that you are going to have to become creative. The good news is that creativity comes free and you’re just going to have to find the time to think about your customers. If you can understand what problems they are trying to solve and what kind of solutions they are looking for, then you’ll be one step closer to being able to provide that to them. Winning another customer does not take money; it just takes good product management thinking.

Make Me Famous: Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

There are a number of ways to gain in popularity and become famous. Branded merchandise and promotional products can speed up the process, but you must take the first step yourself. Printed t-shirts and tanks are a popular means of getting your name and business on the streets - and even your face if you want it. You can use branded merchandise to sell your gig, your band or even your business!

There are professional printers who can print t-shirts and other apparel with your name and your message. You can use this branded merchandise to give free or sell at your gigs or offer as promotional products. What you want are eyes on your name or business - and printed t-shirts give you this. The more eyes on these shirts then the better you get known! Every man or woman walking round your town wearing t-shirts or other apparel with your name, gig, band, company name or even just your image printed back and front will be making you more famous.

Use Promotional Products To Gain Popularity And Fame

Nobody can make you famous except your fans or followers! You gotta perform and you gotta create interest. If you are a singer or an entertainer of any kind, then having your name on a t-shirt walking down any street will create interest. Get a load of shirts printed to hand out at your next gig or performance and your costs will be returned many times in interest and curiosity, album sales and ticket sales and simply getting your name mentioned in clubs and bars. Once you do get famous then you can sell them - they will be queueing to pay to give you free advertising!

How do you promote yourself? OK, you might get a spot in a local dive bar or perhaps be lucky and get a live gig in a local Hard Rock Café or something similar. Take advantage of that! Have a heap of merchandise ready to sell to your fans as they enter and leave the premises. T-shirts printed with your name and maybe even the venue and date tend to sell well, particularly if you’ve got then rocking and up for more. That’s when you sell - and every t-shirt, tank or fleece out there with your name is making you famous!

Hand out give-aways, like printed cards, posters and jeans stickers - but make sure your designs are bold and hit them in the eye. That what’s people remember - dashing, bold colors that they find hard to forget. Be original and creative with your merchandise and make yourself famous by making it impossible for them to forget you! Think of Iron Maiden’s ‘Book of Souls’ album cover - not their best album, but that image is hard to forget! Make the image on your t-shirts hard to forget.

Benefits of Branded Merchandise and Printed t-shirts

Whether you sell it or give it free, branded merchandise is a great way to advertise and promote yourself, your band or your business. Whether you sell cakes or rock ‘em in your local bar, there’s not a lot that can beat your name or image walking about town! Printed t-shirts are even better than a billboard: your adverts walk around, billboards don’t! Your adverts are seen in bars, restaurants, streets, airports and abroad when people travel - free international adverts. Billboard aren’t!

Magazine and press adverts not only cost, but they are here today and gone tomorrow. Branded merchandise is here today, next year and likely the year after. How long do people keep their printed t-shirts and fleeces? Use branded merchandise to promote yourself. There are designers who will design your shirt image to make it bold and flashy and catch their eyes!

Get yourself a logo or a look, and put it on all your promotional products; your jeans stickers, flyers, posters, t-shirts and other apparel. Keep it the same - McDonald’s logo is known all over the world! Visual advertising is powerful, so use it!

Gain Popularity With Branded Merchandise: Summary

You can use promotional products like branded merchandise to get yourself known. You can promote yourself on every street in your town or city with branded merchandise. So get going and make yourself famous - and this also works for businesses and any other entity that wants to sell more.

Using Rock Candy Promotional Items To Aid Your Marketing Campaign

January 15th, 2017

There’s a better method in attracting your market so that they will take interest in your business or products and you can do this through providing rock candy. Candies can be an effective tool to advertise your business. This is also one of most low risk products that may be provided to the public because almost every person cannot say no to candy. With this candy product as part of your promotions, you are able to establish an initial contact with the customers and you may be able to get their personal details if you are still building up your brand. This is also a good way to find new people who will patronize your products while strengthening your relationship with the existing customers.

Penny pinching is not a bad idea after all because you cannot look cheap with designer candy giveaways. No matter how low-cost you consider this product is, people will always be happy when they receive them.

Corporate giveaways should carry a targeted message to the right market. This efficiency of the campaign will depend on how the message is crafted and the carrier of the message. Thus, it would not be hard to have your company or brand name printed on the packaging of these candies. It doesn’t have to be expensive since the containers can either be plastic bags, little jars or boxes where stickers would easily be placed if the container is not custom-printed during the manufacture.

Aside from that, the places where these giveaways are distributed would also matter. It is not any place where you should be giving the freebies but the places that the target market is frequenting. Thus, when your target market is for mothers or adult women, you can look at schools and supermarkets as places that would probably have these people. The entrance at the grocery store would be an awesome place to have your rock candy giveaways distributed and you may even talk to these people so that you will be able to introduce your products.

If your company is approaching its foundation day, it’s also a good time to tell your customers that you appreciate their loyalty so you will be giving some freebies. This can be done during an exhibit or at the community fair, if there is one in your area.

Since your customers are local, then you can target the people around the neighborhood. They would appreciate being given the opportunity to be heard for their feedback also, so you might as well do a documentary of the testimonials of your customers telling you how they love to use your product. Later on, you can use these clips for your video, which would be also used for marketing purposes.

Other ways to introduce your giveaways is during special season like the Holidays or during the product launching where you give a sample of your products plus the designer candy. You may be able to order these candies in large quantities from online candy stores that also offer customized colors and flavors.