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Best Products to Promote

January 22nd, 2017

Discovering your Market Niche

The use of the Internet has created a place for people to spend time and money. There are many jobs for sales representatives. Which are the best items to market? First you will need to ask yourself some important questions.

1. What are my interests? Let’s get started think of your profession or hobbies: camping, accounting, teaching, swimming and cooking. Make sure you can establish authority on the subject. Your readers need to know that you are sincere and really want to help them. Also show passion because it is contagious. People will be talking about your products.

2. How can my interests provide a solution for someone else? What is the solution? Make the product worth their money by stating in detail the product’s services, features and benefits. Tell the customer about the products strengths and weaknesses, this will help establish sincerity.

3. Are there products available to provide a solution? If so than this can grow into something that is profitable. Let’s look at the topic of Pet Care. There are many things a person needs to buy to take care of a pet. An owner would need to buy food, collars and leashes and bathing products. The shopping is long. If writer offers a good solution chances are they will be a customer for life.

4. Who am I trying to help? Who is more likely to read my advertisements or blogs? Keep products relevant to their age, sex, geographic location and ethnic background.

As an affiliate once you have recruited your customer, customer services takes care of all necessary correspondence. Your work is done. Customer services will also inform them of special sales, deals, new products and much more. Ideally you could have life time customers.

There are many ways to market the products. In my opinion blogs and websites work best and most successful affiliates are bloggers. Affiliate bloggers write articles about third party products; their writings help establish them as a professional in the business. It is because many people use search engines to find answers. Blogs cost less money than websites. Arvixe is a great hosting company for blogs and websites. Many companies do provide target web pages which are great for tracking your marketing results. However only blogs and websites can be found in search engines. Search engines are able to read words just like humans do. Humans will type in one to five key words into the search engine. Then the search engines use the first three words of a title to locate the best fitting information for the humans.

Product Promotion On A Budget

January 22nd, 2017

There are a lot of companies that a product manager can work for and it sure feels like I’ve worked for many of them. During my career so far, I’ve worked for four very large international firms and four startups. I can tell you that when I’ve been working for a startup, money has always been tight. However, as a product manager, I still needed to let customers know about my product and why they needed it. Product promotion on a budget is a skill that every product manager needs to have!

The Problem With Getting Attention

One of the main ways that a small startup can get some attention is by attending a trade show. Trade shows are a great place to be because your customers will be there and they expect to see vendors there - they are ready to be sold to. All of a sudden you have as much of a chance of getting your potential customer’s attention and telling them about your product development definition as the big boys do. However, as we all know, a trade show can be a busy, crowded, messy place. You are going to have to work hard to get your customer’s attention.

When I’ve been working for the big boys, getting a customer’s attention was a relatively straightforward process. First off, we always had a big booth. This made it easy for our customers to find us. Next, we made sure that our booth was well staffed - if a customer dropped by, there would always be someone knowledgeable about our product there. Finally, we generally had a professional presenter give a show once an hour in our booth talking about all of the new things that we were bragging about at this show. People who sat through the show were entered into a contest to win a valuable prize such as a iPad, Kindle, or some sort of Bluetooth device.

When I’ve been working at startups, the world has been considerably different. We haven’t had a big fancy setup. Instead, more often than not we’ve had a table with a banner on it. That’s it. Our staffing of the table has been slim. Generally there are just two of us there because that is all that the company could afford to send to the show - now there’s something to add to your product manager resume! Finally, we had no big ticket items to give away. This is where my product management skills came into play. I always like to give away chocolate - everyone in the world loves chocolate. I’ll buy chocolate bars, take off the paper wrapper (not the foil wrapper), and then rewrap them with a wrapper that I’ve made that talks about why my product is so great. Once people at the show learn that I’m giving out chocolate, they come flocking to my little table.

The Problem With Remembering Who You Are

No matter how much chocolate you give away at the show, you want your potential customers to remember you long after the show is over. In order to make this happen you are going to have to get them to pick up and keep some of your product’s promotional literature. This of course means that long before the show starts you are going to have to create the material that you are going to want to be handing out to them.

While working for large firms, I have become the master of creating promotional literature for my products. For every trade show I’d show up with US$100’s of printed material. When potential customers dropped by the booth, I’d make sure to hand them one copy of everything that I had and if when the show was over if I had given away most of what I had brought, then I felt as though I had been successful. I never really gave much thought to what everyone did (or didn’t) do with what I gave to them. I will confess there were a few times that I discovered my material in a trash can on the show floor.

Once again, things were very different when I’ve been working for startups. We simply didn’t have enough cash to create lots and lots of promotional material. What this meant is that we had to be smart about what we did. Two things that I’ve done that have worked out well have been to create an odd sized booklet: 3″ x 6″. This fits into a suit coat pocket well and does not look like any other vendors material. Additionally, I’ve written and self-published a book. Unlike other promotional material, nobody will throw a book away - they’ll take it home and put it on a shelf somewhere.

Another thing that we had to do when I’ve been working for startups is to be a bit more careful who we gave our promotional material to. Since we had a limited supply, we couldn’t just hand it out to anyone who passed by our table. Instead, we had to have a chat with them and evaluate their level of interest. If they seemed like they might really have a need for a product like ours, then we’d give them some of our literature. If they said that they were a decision maker, then we’d give it all to them!

What All Of This Means For You

In tough times and when working for startups, product managers have to get used to doing more with less. This should almost be a part of a startup’s product manager job description. Large firms come with large budgets and so when you attend a trade show you’ll have the cash that you’ll need in order to do the show the right way. If you are working for a startup, then you’re going to be on a budget and you’re going to have to do things just a bit more carefully.

Startups have to approach a trade show differently than a large firm will. One of the most important things that they have to figure out how to do is how to capture a potential customer’s attention. My approach has always been to give away chocolate. Once people learn that I’m doing this, I always have a line at my booth. The next challenge that a startup has to solve is how to be remembered. I’ve tried to accomplish this by creating oddly shaped promotional material and by writing and giving away a book.

Limited funds means that you are going to have to become creative. The good news is that creativity comes free and you’re just going to have to find the time to think about your customers. If you can understand what problems they are trying to solve and what kind of solutions they are looking for, then you’ll be one step closer to being able to provide that to them. Winning another customer does not take money; it just takes good product management thinking.

Make Me Famous: Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

There are a number of ways to gain in popularity and become famous. Branded merchandise and promotional products can speed up the process, but you must take the first step yourself. Printed t-shirts and tanks are a popular means of getting your name and business on the streets - and even your face if you want it. You can use branded merchandise to sell your gig, your band or even your business!

There are professional printers who can print t-shirts and other apparel with your name and your message. You can use this branded merchandise to give free or sell at your gigs or offer as promotional products. What you want are eyes on your name or business - and printed t-shirts give you this. The more eyes on these shirts then the better you get known! Every man or woman walking round your town wearing t-shirts or other apparel with your name, gig, band, company name or even just your image printed back and front will be making you more famous.

Use Promotional Products To Gain Popularity And Fame

Nobody can make you famous except your fans or followers! You gotta perform and you gotta create interest. If you are a singer or an entertainer of any kind, then having your name on a t-shirt walking down any street will create interest. Get a load of shirts printed to hand out at your next gig or performance and your costs will be returned many times in interest and curiosity, album sales and ticket sales and simply getting your name mentioned in clubs and bars. Once you do get famous then you can sell them - they will be queueing to pay to give you free advertising!

How do you promote yourself? OK, you might get a spot in a local dive bar or perhaps be lucky and get a live gig in a local Hard Rock Café or something similar. Take advantage of that! Have a heap of merchandise ready to sell to your fans as they enter and leave the premises. T-shirts printed with your name and maybe even the venue and date tend to sell well, particularly if you’ve got then rocking and up for more. That’s when you sell - and every t-shirt, tank or fleece out there with your name is making you famous!

Hand out give-aways, like printed cards, posters and jeans stickers - but make sure your designs are bold and hit them in the eye. That what’s people remember - dashing, bold colors that they find hard to forget. Be original and creative with your merchandise and make yourself famous by making it impossible for them to forget you! Think of Iron Maiden’s ‘Book of Souls’ album cover - not their best album, but that image is hard to forget! Make the image on your t-shirts hard to forget.

Benefits of Branded Merchandise and Printed t-shirts

Whether you sell it or give it free, branded merchandise is a great way to advertise and promote yourself, your band or your business. Whether you sell cakes or rock ‘em in your local bar, there’s not a lot that can beat your name or image walking about town! Printed t-shirts are even better than a billboard: your adverts walk around, billboards don’t! Your adverts are seen in bars, restaurants, streets, airports and abroad when people travel - free international adverts. Billboard aren’t!

Magazine and press adverts not only cost, but they are here today and gone tomorrow. Branded merchandise is here today, next year and likely the year after. How long do people keep their printed t-shirts and fleeces? Use branded merchandise to promote yourself. There are designers who will design your shirt image to make it bold and flashy and catch their eyes!

Get yourself a logo or a look, and put it on all your promotional products; your jeans stickers, flyers, posters, t-shirts and other apparel. Keep it the same - McDonald’s logo is known all over the world! Visual advertising is powerful, so use it!

Gain Popularity With Branded Merchandise: Summary

You can use promotional products like branded merchandise to get yourself known. You can promote yourself on every street in your town or city with branded merchandise. So get going and make yourself famous - and this also works for businesses and any other entity that wants to sell more.

Using Rock Candy Promotional Items To Aid Your Marketing Campaign

January 15th, 2017

There’s a better method in attracting your market so that they will take interest in your business or products and you can do this through providing rock candy. Candies can be an effective tool to advertise your business. This is also one of most low risk products that may be provided to the public because almost every person cannot say no to candy. With this candy product as part of your promotions, you are able to establish an initial contact with the customers and you may be able to get their personal details if you are still building up your brand. This is also a good way to find new people who will patronize your products while strengthening your relationship with the existing customers.

Penny pinching is not a bad idea after all because you cannot look cheap with designer candy giveaways. No matter how low-cost you consider this product is, people will always be happy when they receive them.

Corporate giveaways should carry a targeted message to the right market. This efficiency of the campaign will depend on how the message is crafted and the carrier of the message. Thus, it would not be hard to have your company or brand name printed on the packaging of these candies. It doesn’t have to be expensive since the containers can either be plastic bags, little jars or boxes where stickers would easily be placed if the container is not custom-printed during the manufacture.

Aside from that, the places where these giveaways are distributed would also matter. It is not any place where you should be giving the freebies but the places that the target market is frequenting. Thus, when your target market is for mothers or adult women, you can look at schools and supermarkets as places that would probably have these people. The entrance at the grocery store would be an awesome place to have your rock candy giveaways distributed and you may even talk to these people so that you will be able to introduce your products.

If your company is approaching its foundation day, it’s also a good time to tell your customers that you appreciate their loyalty so you will be giving some freebies. This can be done during an exhibit or at the community fair, if there is one in your area.

Since your customers are local, then you can target the people around the neighborhood. They would appreciate being given the opportunity to be heard for their feedback also, so you might as well do a documentary of the testimonials of your customers telling you how they love to use your product. Later on, you can use these clips for your video, which would be also used for marketing purposes.

Other ways to introduce your giveaways is during special season like the Holidays or during the product launching where you give a sample of your products plus the designer candy. You may be able to order these candies in large quantities from online candy stores that also offer customized colors and flavors.

Make Your Brand Known by Using Black Carrier Bags As a Promotional Item

January 15th, 2017

What really comes into your mind when you hear the words “carrier bags?” You may think about the plastic bags or paper shopping bags. If we were to ask you about the choice you have to make between the two types of bags, you would definitely go for the latter option. This is because of the fact that the paper shopping bags are considered safe for the environment and don’t cause any harm. On the other hand, plastic bags are the ones which take thousands of years to decompose and are not safe for the environment.

Anyway! The carrier bags for which we are penning this article down are the ones which have been admired by many people. This is because these bags are extensively used when it comes to shopping around at the supermarket. People can place their grocery items into these bags. There are so many types of bags that people have been making a wide use of for some reason or the other, and carrier bags is just one section of the bags family. You would find plenty of different bags and they are available in a huge number of colours, but black is the colour which has been the most adopted one in the consumer market. Black is the considered as a colour of style and elegance. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and a person does not require any efforts to be made while taking care of a black carrier bag.

Many people nowadays have felt the need to wipe out environmental dangers that may cause a great harm to the mankind. So, people in a huge number have decided to follow a “go green” approach. And one of the most adopted ways to protect the planet is to use those bags which are 100% recyclable and don’t take time to decompose. Black carrier bags are the ones which can be used over and over again as long as you wish to.

Are you looking forward to make your brand known with the use of black carrier bags as a promotional item?

If you want to spread a word about your brand among the target audience, what can be better than using black carrier bags as a promotional gift item? A black carrier bag will do wonders for making your brand known to the audience which may convert into your regular customers. Since these bags are available in a multitude of sizes, colours and designs, there are several companies that have been greatly emphasizing on the use of these bags to get the word out to the customers about their brands. When these bags are handed over to the customers, they feel that companies think about their needs and in return, the customers get associated with the companies for years to come because they are getting something which proves beneficial for them in the long run.

You can get the company name and logo imprinted on these bags. And if you feel that there is a need to print other company information, you must do so in order to catch the attention of more and more customers. Using the carrier bags which are black in colour will definitely make the customers feel that you think about them in some way or the other.

Grow Your Customer Base With Inexpensive Promotional Items

January 15th, 2017

Starting a business can be an exciting, terrifying experience. On the one hand, there’s virtually limitless potential, but on the other, you won’t have much room for error. A single mistake can have disastrous consequences. It’s no wonder that most new businesses fail in their first five years. Those that survive either get lucky or make the right decisions. More often than not, they discover the power and pitfalls of local advertising.

Who Needs It?

Whether they sell pizza, cut hair, or teach karate, every new business must make its presence known. They must tell people what they do and why their products and/or services are valuable. If they cannot complete this vital task in a relatively short period of time, they’ll most likely go the way of the dodo. As you might imagine, this is an assignment that inspires dread in most new business owners. Not only does their survival depend on it, but also there are countless advertising options from which to choose. Such as?

On a local level, ads can be plastered on billboards, signs, even on bus benches. These big, bold promotional pitches are visible to both drivers and passersby. They are also, in our opinion, a tremendous waste of money. So why do companies do it?

Putting your name up in lights on an enormous billboard is obviously an ego booster. It makes you feel good about yourself and what you have created. But it’s also a bad investment. Countless studies have shown that inexpensive promotional items are far more effective at drumming up new business. Why is this?

The Personal Touch

A billboard is a large, immobile, impersonal structure that speaks to everyone in exactly the same way. But when you actually hand someone a promotional item, no matter what it may be, a connection is made. Call it the law of reciprocity or simply the power of giving, but those who receive something often feel true appreciation. This feeling is often enough to bring them in as new customers.

What To Give?

The great thing about inexpensive promotional items is that many of them are also useful. If you give a passerby a flyer or a coupon, odds are they’ll simply throw it away. But if you hand them a T-shirt, a calendar, a pen, or a coffee mug-adorned with your logo, of course-they’ll almost certainly use it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free?

Items that can be passed along, such as pencils or pens, are ideal for companies that need to increase traffic in a jiffy. They are inexpensive, useful, and are often passed between employees and family members. Promotional bottle openers are shared by friends, co-workers, and others.

Of course, the single most popular free business product is the T-shirt. This custom apparel works as a double promotional product, in that it not only appeals to the wearer, but also to everyone with whom he comes in contact. In other words, it turns him into a walking billboard for your company.

Inexpensive promotional items are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your business.

Wholesale Paper Bags - The Best Promotional Item to Make Your Brand Known

January 15th, 2017

The fact remains true that bags have undoubtedly become one of the most crucial parts of our lives and it would be hard for all to us to imagine our lives without them. Almost everyone out there is fond of shopping. We’re glad to know that you’re of them. So, when you pay a visit to the supermarket, shopping mall, or a gift shop, you purchase those items which have to use on a daily basis. And you need a bag to carry them. What you need is a paper bag which you use for the purpose of placing all those bought items. There was a time when these bags used to rip apart due to a large number of items placed into them, but this is not the case anymore. With the implementation of the latest technology, these bags are made strong and durable so that nothing happens to them when many items are placed into them.

A paper bag proves to be a very convenient one when it comes to shopping in comparison with other bags. Though it may face a stiff competition from plastic bags still, but the use of bags made of plastic is going down day by day. This is because of the reason that these bags pose a great threat to the environment, humans, and the wildlife.

Spread a word about your brand with wholesale paper bags!

It may be true that many of us are not accustomed to having wholesale paper bags at home. This is because some of us may live with a notion why to waste a great amount of money in buying these bags in bulk. But they can be bought at a rate that fits well within your budget from a reliable and professional bags supplier. There are numerous genuine paper bags wholesalers that can be made contact with on the Internet. Have some of them shortlisted and contact them for their rates.

Once you’ve gathered the rates, compare them and go for the wholesale paper bags supplier whose rates are affordable. Moreover, these bags have been considered a great promotional item when it comes to getting the word out about the brand among the consumers. Many businessmen take a wise decision of using these paper bags for causing a temptation in the minds of the consumers to know more about their respective brands.

People have different requirements and they will prefer these bags in various sizes. You don’t have to be bothered at all about sizes because they are available in small, medium, and large. You can buy wholesale paper bags from the supplier in these three sizes because the consumers making a purchase from your store can require either a small, medium or large size bag. Some paper bags are made waterproof so that they can soak water if they get wet. These bags have been gaining a tremendous popularity among the business owners as most of them have been using these appealing bags to attract the target audience. And these bags are available in various colours like brown, red, green etc.

So, don’t let time slip off your hands and make the most out of wholesale paper bags to use them as a walking advertisement for your brand.

When Should You Consider Utilizing Promotional Items?

January 15th, 2017

Ever wonder why promotional items are so effective? A study performed by the British Promotional Merchandise Association reported that those consumers who received promotional bags were more likely to keep those items for an average of 8.5 months. In today’s competitive digital market, an item that is promotionally branded can truly differentiate you from the rest of your competitors. Not only do they cost much less than traditional marketing methods, but your audience is less likely to throw out any useful item that you brand than if you were to hand out simple brochures or paper marketing. So when should you consider utilizing promotional items?

1. Will your customer need the product?

If your potential audience is simply going to toss the product into their “junk drawer” or worse- the trash, then this route of marketing would be both a waste of time and money. But, when it is an item used daily, it becomes effective and memorable.

2. Does the promotional item reflect your brand or services offered?

Your main goal is to aim for something relevant to your own products and services. If you sell camping items, branded flashlights would be a great idea for your audience.

3. Is your product easily customized?

You want your company name, contact information, and/or slogan to be clear and easy to read. Select a color scheme and product that remains true to your logo and reflects your company in a positive light.

4. Would you be excited to receive the product as a free gift?

This simple question is key in helping you select something that you would be happy to receive, while filtering the lackluster items that you’d likely toss out.

5. Is it a reliable product?

There is nothing worse than receiving a unique, free gift only to have it break or stop working after just a few short days. Quality is key when selecting promotional items because they are an extension of your company and allow your potential buyers to see if they can rely on your products or services.

6. Is your product unique and innovative?

Prior to investing in a massive order of promo items, take some time to research what your major competitors are offering as branded giveaways. Spend some time brainstorming before you select a unique, unexpected product that will set you apart from your competitors.

Lastly, a recent internet marketing company revealed that the average U.S. household owns around 10 branded products. So, to become a part of this statistic, you should additionally consider how effective your item is at remaining in plain view once the consumer brings it home.

Some key places to consider are:

In the kitchen - A reported 84 percent of customers claim that if they are given a branded calendar, they will use it multiple times a day.

Office or desk areas - Over 50 percent of U.S. households contain at least one branded writing instrument. Even more, the fastest-growing trend in pens are those with a stylus because they can double for use on all smart devices. This idea takes the normal, expected, branded pen to a much higher level with more use, as well.

Relevance of Promotional Items

January 15th, 2017

Do promotional products like branded pens and t-shirts still matter today? Are they still relevant in this day and age? In a word, yes. An unequivocal, resounding yes. These days marketing tactics have become more ubiquitous than ever. This is why it is absolutely crucial to stand out when it comes to drawing attention to your own company or small business.

But despite all the new changes that have come and gone in the world of marketing, why is it that branded pens and other promotional items have managed to stay strong and steadfast? True enough, they remain in demand and still an incredibly powerful force in the world of marketing for small business and large companies alike.

But why exactly are branded pens and other promotional items worth producing and giving away? Well, for one, releasing promotional products allows people to have a glimpse of your brand, recognize it, and build an idea in their minds about it. Of course, ultimately, from a macro standpoint, the goal is to get as many people as possible to become familiar with your brand and view it in a positive fashion.

A question that you might have is: what are some of the best promotional products? Which ones have been effective throughout the years? Truth be told, the answer to these questions is contingent on the nature of your business as well as the budget that you have set in place. However, from a general vantage point, some common promotional items include branded pens, notepads, pencils, rulers, erasers, bags, business card holders, laptop sleeves, address books, mugs, glasses, desktop calendars, t-shirts, caps, sweat bands, socks, gloves, and more.

However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to these aforementioned items. The sky is the limit. Just be sure that it is in line with your company, the impression that you endeavor to make, and what you hope to achieve. For instance, if your target is to penetrate corporate niches or other businesses, stationary and desk supplies are suitable choices for promotional items. However, if you are on the less serious side of things, more casual items like pens, caps and t-shirts will be a hit. It is also a good idea not to be flamboyant but rather aim for subtlety when it comes to the design of your promotional item of choice. This way it will not appear like you are trying too hard.

Perks of Promotional Items

January 15th, 2017

If you have been considering using branded pens as one of your promotional items, you are on the right track. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a company, it is pivotal not to underestimate the power of repeated exposure to your brand. This is the secret to effective marketing strategies. And do not be deceived - it is not essential to break the bank in order to accomplish this. All you have to do is invest in promotional items that will constantly keep the name your company or small business in the subconscious of the individuals who are holding or using them.

There are several examples in which this applies. The important thing to keep in mind is to choose items that are useful in a person’s everyday life. For instance, some popular promotional items include branded pens, umbrellas, planners, mousepads, lip balms, water bottles, keychains, desktop calendars, USB drives, and then some. The goal is to be as visible as possible as frequently as possible. Ideally, you will also want the promotional merchandise that you choose to start a conversation. This way, apart from building recall in the minds of your current clients, you also have the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone and attract new clients as well in the process.

Promotional items are truly a revolutionary way to market the offerings of your company. In addition, they also afford you the opportunity to change the way that your small business or company is perceived by potential and current clients alike. If you are a more high-end company, the promotional items that you select ought to reflect this; whether you choose to go with branded pens or even luxury watches. But at the end of the day, the goal remains the same: to communicate to your customers just how much you value them.

As a matter of fact, a study that was recently conducted tells us that 94 percent of recipients of promotional products still remember receiving them two years later. Another benefit of utilizing branded pens and other promotional items is that it cultivates a sense of indebtedness to your clients after having experienced a kind gesture from you. Chances are, they will keep you in mind and do business with you in the future or possibly refer you to people that are on the prowl for what you have to offer.