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What Are The Hot Promotional Products Right Now?

June 30th, 2009

We’re often asked questions such as “What are the popular promotional products out there right now?”  This is not a simple question because the answer is constantly changing as our culture changes.  Some promotional items like promotional pens and coffee mugs will never go out of style, but, in this day and age, we can provide something a little more fresh and innovative.  Instead of focusing on singular products, let’s focus on categories that are popular.

Electronic Promotional Items - Technology based items are always great items to use because they’re always useful and always have that mass appeal that other products can’t come close to duplicating.  The choice between a coffee mug and USB flash drive is really a no-brainer.  People love toys so these items are sure to impress.

Eco-Friendly - We covered our new line of eco-friendly products recently.  Again, people as well as businesses have become more environmentally conscious so choosing a product that fits within this realm will really speak volumes to your market.

Tools - Because of the economy, many people have resorted to doing home improvement items themselves to avoid the high service costs that a professional would charge.  Because of this, items like promotional screwdrivers are really doing well because they’re useful given the current economic climate.

Travel - People are still on the go in today’s society so travel mugs, cups as well as voice recorders are also hot items.

In a few months, we’ll likely have a new list of many new trendy products, but for now, take advantage of what’s hot and contact us to get started on your own promotional product campaign.

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