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ASI’s Top 12 Tips for 2012 with Promotional Products in Mind

March 30th, 2012

The New Year has passed and Spring is here! Superior Promos is happy to share and expand upon the Advertising Specialty Institutes Top 12 Tips for 2012. These tips were published with the Promotional Products industry in mind. If your business is striving for a successful marketing campaign, read these quick tips and thrive.

Signature Line

Ensuring that your business information is readily available and correct on all business platforms is extremely important. This information includes your business name, web URL and links to social media profiles. Add all of this information to your email signature to ensure that your customers can easily get in touch with you.

*The upper right hand corner of your business web page is a great eye catching spot to display your company contact information including phone number and social media widgets.


Organization may sound like novice advice, however; in this case we are not talking about an accordion file and a Rolodex. In order to maximize business organization and efficiency, sync all of your contacts to your mobile device along with all of your calendars to stay on top of things. Fortunately and unfortunately you will have your necessary business communication tools available in the palm of your hand…24/7!

Update Product Info

Updating for product information is a crucial part of living in a technologically advanced world. Is your website mobile friendly? Can customers shop online?


Is your business properly tracking sales, marking, and ROI? Maintaining a comprehensive overview of business sales and marketing will ensure that your business is on track for success.

Social Media

According to a recent study conducted by Adobe 845 million people use Facebook and 100 million users are on Twitter. Does your business have an active and engaging presence amongst the various social media platforms? Social Media is a great way to communicate with customers as well as fellow experts in business industry.

Industry News

Stay current on business trends and industry news within your business realm in order to stay current and up to date. Subscribe to relevant magazines, newsletters and follow your fellow industry professionals on Facebook and Twitter.


Advertising is a great way for businesses to showcase and target products to potential customers and distributors. While some advertising may be costly, advertising on platforms such as Facebook is extremely cost efficient, easy to manage, and moreover you can target your advertising based on user interests and ‘likes.’ Promotional products are a great way of expanding your businesses advertising and increasing your sales

Clear Communications

In order to uphold and maintain a good relationship with your clients, be sure to maintain regular contact via email, phone, or social media. Maintaining a open relationship paves the path to a long-term mutually successful business relationship.


“It’s all about who you know.” Explore opportunities including trade shows, conferences and opportunities to hear from expert speakers within your industry. Acquiring new friends equals word of mouth perks.

Set Goals

Set goals for your business. Challenge yourself to expand your business whether it is exceeding your previous years sales, changing your marketing theme, adding a Promotional Product or a social media platform. Get, ready, set…goal!

Continuing Education

Continuing education is an important part of any industry. In order to stay current and up to date, research ways to broaden your knowledge and current certifications. Don’t let your competitor leave you in the dust!

Enjoy What You Do

Do you enjoy what you do? Chances are, if you enjoy what you do, your work will directly affect it. Do what you love, love what you do.

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