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Tips On Choosing The Right Promotional Products

September 6th, 2009

Many times we’re asked how do I figure out the right promotional product for my business.  To help answer this question, let’s examine a few types of businesses.

Pizza or Chinese Food Delivery -  The goal of these entities is to have people call to place delivery orders.  Business card magnets are the perfect solution as the delivery restaurants can have their phone number in plain sight for the orderer to see at all times.

Banks - Banks want you to utilize your bank issued checks and deposit slips to spend your money as well as deposit your money. Promotional pens make an ideal promotional product for banks as you can write your checks and deposit slips with it.  Again, consider the nature of your business and what you want your customers to do.

Coffee House - Promotional travel mug is another great example of an ideal promotional product when considering the goal of a coffee house which is get to their customers to drink their coffee. This promotional items allows customers to bring in their own mug each coffee house visit which can be perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.  Tying a separate promotion to this mug will create even further incentive for people to utilize this mug.  Example promotions could be something like a free refill after purchasing 10 mug refills.

What you must also remember is the brand awareness that these items produce.  Guests in your home can see the business card magnet of your favorite delivery place. When someone needs to borrow a pen, they usually glance at the pen imprint before usage.  People can also see the travel mug you’re drinking your favorite coffee out of as you’re out in public.

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