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Effective Use of Promotional Products in Trade Shows

January 22nd, 2017

Many companies seek to know how effective promotional products are in trade shows. An item with a high perceived value can be an effective promotional product. It can help your booth stand out from the stiff competition.

Nevertheless, some exhibitors spend a lot of money on giveaways that attract visitors, but make no or little impression on potential buyers. An effective promotional product issued in trade shows can convey the brand’s positioning message, help educate the target audience about the company and promote the business.

· Choice of promotional products

A promotional item should feature prominently the company’s name, logo and contacts. In addition, the item should be able to complement the company’s image and theme of the trade show booth. This can go a long way in drawing the interest of potential customers to your display.

Make sure the giveaway is viewed by prospects as a valuable object that people would like to keep. For example, reusable items like promotional mugs and t-shirts can help keep the company’s brand visible to prospects over time, while discount vouchers or gift certificates convey value. Furthermore, they serve as an incentive for future contacts with the business.

Samples on DVDs or product demos tend to carry a high appeal among the targeted audience. Items with function and utility, such as “how to” booklets or tip sheets are more likely to be kept.

· Brand-building strategies

A crowded exhibition hall may seem appropriate for generating viable leads and improving sales. However, with the large numbers of distractions and competition in a typical trade show, promotional items can help attract more attendees to your booth.

Imprinted promotional items can play a critical role in the brand-building strategies, as long as they are successful in motivating visitors to the company’s booth to help them learn about the brand or product. An effective promotional product can draw traffic, create recalls after the trade show and facilitate contacts in a special, memorable way to potential customers.

· Effective use of promotional products

The way you end up distributing your promotional giveaways can make a huge difference in the products perceived value. Hence, you should avoid stacking your supplies on the table for anyone to take, because this is likely to diminish the item’s value. Instead, you should resort to selectively and personally handing out promotional items to potential customers.

A thoughtful distribution of giveaways will offer a more memorable experience to prospects. In addition, it will serve as an important avenue in showing your appreciation for visits made to your booth.