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Promote and Build Brand Awareness With Unique Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

When it comes to promoting your business and getting the best return on investment for every dollar you spend, promotional products still remain one of the top ways for businesses to gain customers and maintain client relationships. Although online advertising may seem like a viable solution for a promotional campaign, promotional products can still deliver a lower customer acquisition cost and a better ratio. Promotional products such as coffee mugs, pens, notebooks, water bottles, or cups continue to advertise your brand as long as they are around while on the other hand, once your pay per click budget is gone, so is your online marketing.

People are drawn to online marketing, because it seems easy. However, there are many fallbacks to online marketing and paid online advertising campaigns when compared to physical promotional products. For example, when you start advertising online, you have to decide which route you want to take. With more and more customers blocking ads worldwide, it is harder for you to reach your audience. If your customer is not seeing the ad, then you are not getting a conversion. With online advertising, you have to research your targeted market and keywords for that specific market. One wrong keyword and you have blown your budget.

If that is not enough, another major drawback to online advertising when compared to utilizing promotional company or brand products is that competitors may click on your ad if you list it via a search engine and it will cost you money. This is a known tactic that some online competitors do and they will even get their friends in on it as well. This will exhaust your budget and leave you without any new customers for your business! Some may think advertising on Facebook is simple and essential but the reality is that it is not easy and it can be difficult to have your ads be relevant to your targeted market.

An embroidered cap or printed t-shirt will continue to advertise your brand long after your online advertising. Promotional products make the best marketing tools. Any business that is serious about creating and maintaining their brand identity utilizes these everyday products to trigger brand recognition in the public.

There is a wide range of items available for businesses to distribute that go beyond the standard items. There are items that can be branded with any company like embroidered shirts, clocks, memo holders, key chains, flashlights, anodized knives, metal tape measurers, and much more! All of these give potential customers something physical to remember your business by and make a great impression. Let your regular clients know you appreciate their business by sending them a gift with your custom logo. You will not only make their day with your gift, but you will be subtly advertising your brand.

Embroidered shirts, mousepads, and cups with your company’s logo cannot be blocked like online ads, nor can the budget be blown overnight like a pay per click campaign. Promotional products have been and still are a viable way to grow and promote your business and brand identity.