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Make Me Famous: Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products

January 22nd, 2017

There are a number of ways to gain in popularity and become famous. Branded merchandise and promotional products can speed up the process, but you must take the first step yourself. Printed t-shirts and tanks are a popular means of getting your name and business on the streets - and even your face if you want it. You can use branded merchandise to sell your gig, your band or even your business!

There are professional printers who can print t-shirts and other apparel with your name and your message. You can use this branded merchandise to give free or sell at your gigs or offer as promotional products. What you want are eyes on your name or business - and printed t-shirts give you this. The more eyes on these shirts then the better you get known! Every man or woman walking round your town wearing t-shirts or other apparel with your name, gig, band, company name or even just your image printed back and front will be making you more famous.

Use Promotional Products To Gain Popularity And Fame

Nobody can make you famous except your fans or followers! You gotta perform and you gotta create interest. If you are a singer or an entertainer of any kind, then having your name on a t-shirt walking down any street will create interest. Get a load of shirts printed to hand out at your next gig or performance and your costs will be returned many times in interest and curiosity, album sales and ticket sales and simply getting your name mentioned in clubs and bars. Once you do get famous then you can sell them - they will be queueing to pay to give you free advertising!

How do you promote yourself? OK, you might get a spot in a local dive bar or perhaps be lucky and get a live gig in a local Hard Rock Café or something similar. Take advantage of that! Have a heap of merchandise ready to sell to your fans as they enter and leave the premises. T-shirts printed with your name and maybe even the venue and date tend to sell well, particularly if you’ve got then rocking and up for more. That’s when you sell - and every t-shirt, tank or fleece out there with your name is making you famous!

Hand out give-aways, like printed cards, posters and jeans stickers - but make sure your designs are bold and hit them in the eye. That what’s people remember - dashing, bold colors that they find hard to forget. Be original and creative with your merchandise and make yourself famous by making it impossible for them to forget you! Think of Iron Maiden’s ‘Book of Souls’ album cover - not their best album, but that image is hard to forget! Make the image on your t-shirts hard to forget.

Benefits of Branded Merchandise and Printed t-shirts

Whether you sell it or give it free, branded merchandise is a great way to advertise and promote yourself, your band or your business. Whether you sell cakes or rock ‘em in your local bar, there’s not a lot that can beat your name or image walking about town! Printed t-shirts are even better than a billboard: your adverts walk around, billboards don’t! Your adverts are seen in bars, restaurants, streets, airports and abroad when people travel - free international adverts. Billboard aren’t!

Magazine and press adverts not only cost, but they are here today and gone tomorrow. Branded merchandise is here today, next year and likely the year after. How long do people keep their printed t-shirts and fleeces? Use branded merchandise to promote yourself. There are designers who will design your shirt image to make it bold and flashy and catch their eyes!

Get yourself a logo or a look, and put it on all your promotional products; your jeans stickers, flyers, posters, t-shirts and other apparel. Keep it the same - McDonald’s logo is known all over the world! Visual advertising is powerful, so use it!

Gain Popularity With Branded Merchandise: Summary

You can use promotional products like branded merchandise to get yourself known. You can promote yourself on every street in your town or city with branded merchandise. So get going and make yourself famous - and this also works for businesses and any other entity that wants to sell more.