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How Effective Are USB Sticks As Promotional Products?

January 8th, 2017

Every business today is up against a whole host of competition, and many companies are turning to branding experts to help them stand out from the pack and win customers. Promotional merchandising is just one tool for doing this, yet it is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for businesses looking to build relationships with clients and associates.

While a lot of merchandising can seem gimmicky, there are many bespoke promotional products available on the market now that can help support the ‘wow’ impression that a company wants to make on its audience. Promotional USB stocks are just one way of doing that, but how effective are they and why should a business choose them?

The first advantage of promotional USB stocks is their practicality; whereas other popular merchandise such as pens and paper pads can be useful, promotional USB sticks are a modern tool for a modern world. For anyone who uses a computer for their work, a USB drive is an essential piece of kit to have on hand for saving those important documents or transferring files.

It can also be said that promotional USB sticks carry a touch of class that your regular promotional biro doesn’t. Whereas a plastic printed pen can look cheap and tacky, a USB drive can look as sleek and modern or as fun and quirky as a brand desires. Good quality USB drives are also more expensive for an individual to purchase than a pen, raising the perceived value of the product.

Due to their usability, promotional USB sticks are also kept around for a lot longer than other merchandise. Whereas pens run out, paper gets used up and mugs get chipped, USB drives tend to be held on to and used regularly. This continuous use increases brand awareness of the person using the item as well as all those people around them.

Promotional USB sticks also improve customer’s opinion of a company. As mentioned earlier, USB drives tend to be less ‘cheap’ than some other merchandising options, but the benefits don’t stop there. Everyone loves getting a freebie and promotional USB sticks are one way to have clients feeling positive about a brand or company because of the free ‘gift’ they have received.

Despite appearing highly valuable due to design and usefulness, promotional USB drives are actually a very cost-effective method of advertising meaning that a brand or company name is less likely to be forgotten. Whereas print advertisements have very little immediate use and can be discarded quickly or ignored, promotional merchandising can be kept for years.

Promotional USB sticks are guaranteed to be utilised to and appreciated for a long time, meaning any initial upfront cost is likely to pay back the company many times over in terms of building a positive image and winning over customers.

Another significant advantage of promotional USB sticks and promotional merchandise in general is that this method of branding and advertising can be used very strategically in terms of distribution and consumption. They can be given out as free gifts to passers-by outside a store or as part of a freebie package at a conference - the choice all depends on what a company wants to achieve.

So, are promotional USB sticks effective? In many ways, yes. These items offer a usability factor that is currently virtually unrivalled, meaning great results for building a positive and long-lasting brand image. These are items that will be greatly appreciated and create positive feeling between the brand and the recipient.

Promotional USB sticks are also great at conveying an image of modernity and professionalism when compared to cheaper merchandising, enhancing any brand. Finally, these items can be delivered to customers and associates in many ways - as an enticing free gift, as part of a welcome pack for new clients and many more - creating or continuing to build great professional relationships.