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Why Golf Umbrellas Make Good Promotional Gifts For Business

December 12th, 2016

Custom golf umbrellas have become very popular corporate gifts and marketing or advertising tools. It is always a good idea to try and reach customers in special ways and the umbrellas make very good choices for many businesses. They may not be cheap items, but they hold so much value and last long compared to cheaper gift options like pens that only serve for a short period of time before they become valueless.

Promotional umbrellas generally offer continued visibility and credibility to the business message you have included on them. The choices you make when designing the umbrella however, do play a role on how rewarding they become in promoting your business. But really makes personalized golf umbrellas tick for business promotion purposes?

1. They are expansive

Golf umbrellas are generally large in size and this means that as a business you have a bigger work space to work with when printing your business information. This is good for your marketing efforts because you can make the prints as big, clear and visible as you wish something that would be harder to achieve with more compact umbrellas. The golf umbrellas are also loved for their expansive nature because they offer coverage for more than one person. The canopy is large enough to shelter a number of people during rainy or sunny days.

2. They are durable

Golf umbrellas are designed strong and sturdy and not lightweight like most other promotional umbrellas may be. They can stand straight, even during windy storms and offer the protection needed for a long period of time. They therefore make very functional promotional umbrellas for the long run and this means that you get great results with exposing your brand out there.

3. They make great items to build impressions

Whereas people do notice smaller promotional umbrellas, promotional golf umbrellas tend to be colorful and larger attracting attention and making impressions. Their large size makes them very ideal for outdoor and indoor promotions as well like in trade show stands. The bigger umbrellas in such settings tend to attract more attention, especially when you have selected an impressive color profile. Bigger items also tend to mean value to some people and this is the kind of impression you will make to your clients when you offer the umbrellas as corporate gifts.

4. They work for all

The custom golf umbrellas are generally good for startups and even established businesses that want to build credibility for their businesses. They may be bigger, but they are easily portable and they will manage to steal the show for your business so you gain as a business in the end regardless of your size.

5. They are easy to play around with

This is again thanks to their large size. As a business there is so much you can do with the large enough surface and you can also make all sorts of customizations to other parts of the umbrella easily. There is always a chance to give the umbrellas some twist to keep them interesting.