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Promotional Products - Why They Matter

September 30th, 2012


Thank you Huffington Post for giving Promotional Products the much needed attention they deserve! In a world where advertising campaigns are constantly evolving a traditional form of advertising remains in tact: Promotional Products. Some people may be under the impression that this type of advertising is out of date, the opposite is true. Promotional Products have endured the evolution of marketing and still come out on top.

Promotional Products allow for maximum business exposure while giving consumers a way to recognize your brand. Promotional Products are not necessarily 1 fits all, most businesses vary their selection of promotional items but some of the more common choices include:

-Promotional Pens, Promotional Bags, Promotional Corporate Gifts, Promotional T-Shirts.

When selecting your Promotional Products you really want to keep your target audience in mind. While Promotional Pens are somewhat universal, Promotional Corporate Gifts might not be the ideal selection for the local gym owner. Instead think more along the lines of Promotional T-shirts for your Promotional Product selection.

For those of you new to the Promotional Products industry, here are a few quick tips to leave you with:

-Trade shows are a great way to distribute your Promotional Products. Large groups of people with similar interests is a great place to maximize your Promotional Products campaign.

-Try not to overbrand your product. Simplicity is key, overbranding may take away from your credibility and business reputation.

For the latest in Promotional Products, browse our web site selection and choose from over 50,000 customizable promotional items.

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2013 Promotional Calendar Season is Coming… Order Now to Save.

September 25th, 2012

It’s almost that time of year again…yes, Calendar Season is coming. Some may underestimate the value a Calendar has in todays technological era, however Promotional Calendars are still relevant and in demand. According to the Promotional Products Association 50% of individuals have never used the Calendar function on their phone and 98% of homes had a printed calendar and nearly every business owned one.

With these statistics in mind, has your business picked a date to order your branded Promotional Calendar? According to the recent infographic published by the Advertising Speciality Institute businesses should be targeting them to older females. 40% of females 65 + own a Promotional Calendar as opposed to a mere 20% of males 65 + who own a Promotional Calendar.

The average number of Impressions a Calendar receives per month equates to an impressive 295 with a lifetime numer at 1,984. This boils down to approximately $.003 cost-per-impression while 82% of consumers remember the advertiser of the calendar they received. The Calendar is one powerful Promotional Product!

Many of our customers have ordered their 2013 Calendars for the year, we are hoping to assist you with your order before it’s too late! We have a number of different Calendar Options including Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars, Planners, Magnetic Calendars, Pocket Calendars and many more!

Time is ticking before 2013 arrives but we are always here to assist you with all of your Promotional Product needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions Call 1-888-577-6667.

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Photo Courtesy of Counselor Voice of the Industry

The Importance of Color with Promotional Products

September 15th, 2012

11Have you ever stopped to think what the colors surrounding your advertising campaign portray? Colors are an intergal part of your businesses brand, creating a vivid story and a positive image among your target audience.

According to Entrepreneur.com, choosing the right dominant color for your brand is crucial. This color(s) should appear on your promotional materials, including your logo and Promotional Products. This color really sets you apart in your industry and plays an active role in reinforcing your brand. Color plays a huge role in memory recall. Colors can mean a multitude of  things given the context; color provokes many different thoughts, emotions and feelings. According to some sources colors seem to have some universal meaning:

Blue: Blue Promotional Products are often a popular choice for financial institutions. Blue fosters feelings of trust, dependability and fiscal responsibility.

Red: Red Promotional Products are a great way to appeal to your consumers passionate side. Red activates feelings of energy and aggression. Count on this color to be attention grabbing, although the attention might not always be positive.

Green: Green Promotional Products promote feelings of prosperity, optimism, health, freshness and serenity. Green’s meanings are extremely versatile which makes it a popular choice among businesses.

Yellow: Yellow is the ultimate symbol of warmth, positivity and light. Yellow Promotional Products are a great way to stimulate and motivate your customers. You can never go wrong with this eye-catching shade.

Purple: Purple a wonderful blend of passion, sophistication and royalty. Our Purple Promotional Products are sure to turn heads and enrich your customer base!

Black: Black is the top chosen color for luxury item branding. Black Promotional Products convey a bold, powerful and serious message while still maintaining a classic look.

White: White Promotional Products connote purity, cleanliness and simplicity. White can be most commonly used with health care products.

Superior Promos has a variety of Promotional Products of all shapes, sizes, functions and not to mention COLORS! Whatever your need is, Superior Promos can design and print promotional items with your message clear and impressionable.  Call 1-888-577-6667 for any questions you have about our promotional products and to place your order.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer: The Perfect Companion for Cold and Flu Season

September 5th, 2012

Superior Promos Promotional Hand Sanitizer

Cold and Flu Season is upon us. Are you taking the proper precautions to keep your health in tact?

Part of practicing good hygiene and preventing illness is to of course avoid germs.  Most of us share small spaces with others who might be sniffling or sneezing! I don’t know about you, but we cannot continue to deliver quality Promotional Products by completely avoiding people and small spaces. Make the most of these circumstances with one of our Promotional Hand Sanitizers. Promote good health - give one to your customers, friends, family and co-workers as well.

Hand Sanitizers have many benefits -  they are a quick, easy and efficient way to stay germ free. Lets face it, we cannot always make it to a sink. Keep a Promotional Hand Sanitizer handy to disinfect your hands and prevent those nasty flu and cold viruses. In addition to keeping your hands sanitary, our Promotional Sanitizers can also be used on germy surfaces including, glasses, sunglasses, mirrors, pens and door knobs.

Superior Promos has a numer of convient packaging options to meet all of your sanitary needs, including bottles of hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing pens and hand sanitizing spray. Decide which one meets your needs and submit your artwork requirements to art@superiorpromos.com

With these facts in mind, be the one who helps keep your customers healthy this cold and flu season with your own personally branded Promotional Hand SanitizerFor questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-577-6777.