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Marketers Spending More on Promotional Products

June 22nd, 2012

12A recent study carried out by an independent research company on behalf of the British Promotional Merchandise Association details the recent increase in spending devoted to Promotional Products. Almost half of the marketers surveyed have increased their promotional spending budgets considerably since the last fiscal year. The survey reveals that 83% of senior marketers plan to increase or maintain their current spending on Promotional Products.

When top marketers were asked about the reasons why they utilize Promotional Products as part of their marketing campaign they said it is because it “targets customers effectively,” and because “the brand message lasts longer.” Most of the promotional merchandise purchased for give-away use at conferences, for “brand awareness and rebranding.” The top purchased Promotional Products marketers purchased were:

- Promotional Pens

- Promotional Pads, Promotional Notebooks and Promotional Post-its

-Promotional Canvas shopping bags or Promotional eco bags

BPMA board director Stephen Barker says: “The fact that useful products top the list of those items most purchased highlights that there is widespread recognition among marketers of the ways in which merchandise can bring longevity to promotional campaigns and is therefore and effective brand awareness tool.”

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SuperiorPromos.com Promotional Products Sale of the day

June 15th, 2012

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Superior Promos Loves Pets!

June 13th, 2012


Superior Promos carries a wide variety of Promotional Products to cater to human needs as well as the needs of our furry friends! Lets face it, when a dog is a mans best friend and cats are the companions we cannot live without, of course we want to cater to them with the best products available. Superior Promos carries a quality selection of customizable Promotional Pet Products just begging to bought. Win over the hearts of your clients with our Pooch Pack Set, a must-have Cat Food Bowl or even a Nylon Pet Leash.

Calling all vets, pet stores, dog groomers, dog walkers and dog whisperers! These Promotional Products were made with you in mind; browse our selection of Promotional Pet Products now and advertise your service on a product any pet-owner would love.

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Don’t Mess with the Obama Campaign

June 8th, 2012

The Obama Campaign Committee is suing a DC based website over the use of the signature “O” logo, claiming trademark violation. This particular website sells “O” T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons claims to be working cooperatively with the Democratic campaign. The lawsuit, however, states that the website has only done harm with the sale of competing items which are considered campaign contributions and a point of contact for future fundraising efforts.

The Washington based company has been a cooperative provider of political campaign materials since 1985 without issue. The owner of the company states: “I think people prefer to have the freedom to buy the merchandise where they want to.” Many other companies sell similar campaign materials and have yet to face legal action. If this particular lawsuit is successful, the website will have to take down all of the “O” items and award the Obama campaign for damages.

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Superior Promos Promotional Products - Quick Note

June 5th, 2012

Survey: Mobile Marketing Is Underutilized

While 69% of U.S. small-business owners believe mobile marketing is critical to their company’s growth, the majority of them admit they’re failing to effectively leverage the technology, a survey released by Web.com Group shows. According to survey data, about 60% of small businesses have a website, but only 26% have a mobile-friendly (adjusted for smartphone screens) site, and only 14% have a stand-alone mobile site.

“With more and more consumers specifically searching for local businesses on their mobile devices, it is imperative that small businesses invest in a mobile presence,” said David Brown, chairman and chief executive officer of Web.com. “Having a mobile presence can be a huge competitive advantage for small businesses trying to attract local customers by instantly introducing a potential customer to their business’ products and services in a mobile-enhanced way.”

Last year, firm comScore reported that out of 234 million U.S. mobile consumers, 82.2 million use a smartphone, providing an obvious incentive for businesses to appeal to on-the-go consumers. With that in mind, 64% of small-business owners surveyed by Web.com said they planned to increase spending on mobile investments in 2012. How exactly small businesses will upgrade is not clear, though, as 61% currently don’t have a mobile search strategy. The biggest hurdle to more mobile investments is time, as data revealed 64% of small-business owners don’t have a dedicated marketing team.