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What Are The Hot Promotional Products Right Now?

June 30th, 2009

We’re often asked questions such as “What are the popular promotional products out there right now?”  This is not a simple question because the answer is constantly changing as our culture changes.  Some promotional items like promotional pens and coffee mugs will never go out of style, but, in this day and age, we can provide something a little more fresh and innovative.  Instead of focusing on singular products, let’s focus on categories that are popular.

Electronic Promotional Items - Technology based items are always great items to use because they’re always useful and always have that mass appeal that other products can’t come close to duplicating.  The choice between a coffee mug and USB flash drive is really a no-brainer.  People love toys so these items are sure to impress.

Eco-Friendly - We covered our new line of eco-friendly products recently.  Again, people as well as businesses have become more environmentally conscious so choosing a product that fits within this realm will really speak volumes to your market.

Tools - Because of the economy, many people have resorted to doing home improvement items themselves to avoid the high service costs that a professional would charge.  Because of this, items like promotional screwdrivers are really doing well because they’re useful given the current economic climate.

Travel - People are still on the go in today’s society so travel mugs, cups as well as voice recorders are also hot items.

In a few months, we’ll likely have a new list of many new trendy products, but for now, take advantage of what’s hot and contact us to get started on your own promotional product campaign.

Promotional Items in the Medical Industry Update

June 30th, 2009

We covered the study regarding promotional gifts and medical students rather extensively.   Now, we’re starting to see further limitations placed on promotional items in the medical industry.  AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association, has change its code of ethics to disallow the gifting of promotional items to health care professionals. Specifically, the use of pens, notepads as well as mugs are deemed to have no educational use to medical professionals and fit the scope of this recent ban.  AdvaMed is an association for medical equipment firms so clearly promotional products have an impact similarly to the pharmaceutical side of things.  It’s important to note that these guidelines are voluntary and companies can choose not to comply.

Again, we must drill home the point that there’s a reason bans are being placed on promotional items in industries such as medical technology and tobacco.  Promotional gifts are extremely impactful and can influence the decision of someone without them knowing it.  Limitations would not be placed on something that has little to no impact.

If you’re looking to put together a promotional item campaign for your business and make an impact on your target market, contact us to get started.

People Really Collect Promotional Pens? Yes, Really.

June 25th, 2009

Apparently, promotional pens can impact someone well beyond what we thought.  Santiago Garcia from Spain has collected upwards of 25,000 promotional pens since 1988. The collection started with a pen in the shape of a screwdriver from a local pub.  Garcia liked the pen so much he made sure to store it away in a drawer.  Soon, the drawer became full and now the collection has expanded to the drawers of his home’s spare rooms.  The promotional pens are organized in each drawer with many on display in his office.

Want to add to Santiago’s collection?  View our selection of promotional pens and let Superior Promos customize your business’ promotional pen.

Photo Via ThinkSpain.com

Photo Via ThinkSpain.com

Obama Signs Law Banning Tobacco Companies From Using Promotional Products

June 24th, 2009

President Obama recently signed a bill allowing the FDA to regulate tobacco companies as aggressively as ever.  Reducing teenagers’ use of tobacco is the primary purpose of this bill.  Obama, a smoker himself, wants to end the sales pitch to children.  He states, “The kids today don’t just start smoking for no reason. They’re aggressively targeted as customers by the tobacco industry. They’re exposed to a constant and insidious barrage of advertising where they live, where they learn, and where they play. Most insidiously, they are offered products with flavorings that mask the taste of tobacco and make it even more tempting…”   Obama empathizes with teenagers since he was once one of those teenagers that started smoking early on and is now struggling to quit.

Now, how does this relate to promotional items you ask?  Well, part of the bill bans tobacco companies from imprinting their logo on promotional items as well as at sporting or entertainment venues.  The bill also bans the usage of terms like “low,” “light” and “mild” on packaging.  Tobacco companies will also have to submit the ingredients used to the FDA and include stronger warning labels on packages.

Let’s read between the lines.  Why would the government ban tobacco company logos on promotional items such as clothing?  The reason is promotional products with imprinted logos have a powerful effect on people.  We’ve illustrated this point throughout this blog and most recently in the blog entry about promotional items and their impact on Doctors.  The Government was fully aware of how powerful a tobacco company logo can be on children especially with how prevalent advertising is nowadays especially on the Internet.

We’re glad the President has put a stop to the promotion of something that endangers our society.  Of course we endorse the use of promotional items, but not when they’re used to promote a product or cause that is harmful.   As Sen. Edward Kennedy stated, this was “long overdue.”

Superior Promos Goes Green

June 24th, 2009

Recently, we unveiled a new line of eco-friendly promotional items.  With people making more environmentally conscience decisions nowadays, it’s important we cater to those looking to promote their business or cause in an eco-friendly manner.  Let’s examine some of the eco promotional products we carry.  Remember, our great artwork services and top-rated support are available on these promotional products.

Biodegradable 16 oz. Cup - With summer comes get-togethers, parties, camping and lake trips, graduations, wedding receptions — so party cups will be in high demand versus other months of the year.  Why not use a cup that is made with biodegradable material and 100% compostable?  Our sale price allows you to get 1,000 of these cups at $0.44 each.

Eco Buy Write Pencil - Promotional pencils are huge in the promotional world, but now you can order the eco buy write pencil that is made of recycled newspapers rather than wood.  It works just like a regular pencil and comes in 6 different color choices.

Eco-Friendly Nonwoven Grocery Tote - This promotional product is made of a recyclable non-woven material that also allows you to save on your own personal consumption of plastic grocery bags.  This promotional item is reusable each and every time you go to the grocery store.  It’s durable, recyclable and fully customizable.  Contact our support team to customize your own eco-friendly promotional tote bag.

For additional eco-friendly promotional products, visit our eco-friendly promotional item page.

Eco-Friendly Nonwoven Grocery Tote

Eco-Friendly Nonwoven Grocery Tote

Promotional Giveaways and Sporting Events

June 22nd, 2009

To reiterate one of the many purposes of this blog, we are attempting to point out how ubiquitous promotional products are in our everyday lives.  Sporting events, especially baseball games, have been a staple for promotional item giveaways for as long as I can remember.  Everything from blankets to hand fans are given away.  These giveaways often attract more fans thus creating a higher attendance and more revenue for the home team.

As a former season ticket holder for the Angels during my college days, I often remembered the attendance being far greater on days where giveaways were taking place versus non giveaway days.   Further, promotional giveaways often took place on week days where attendance may not be as high as the weekends.  Let’s examine some of the promotional items I received and how they relate to past points brought up in this blog.

Promotional Blanket -  One season, I received a promotional blanket in early September which became extremely useful.  At that point in the season, the weather began to get colder as fall approached.  The blanket made a great giveaway because of its overall usefulness as well as seasonal usefulness.  The blanket made night games more tolerable, and also made the cut for various family camping trips.  I believe a local radio station sponsored this giveaway.

Promotional Hand Fan - One season, during the dog days of summer, a giveaway took place featuring hand fans.  This was perfect for day games as the sunny Southern California weather can be a little too much at times.  My girlfriend at the time was ecstatic over this give away as she used it the whole game without the usual complaints of how hot it was.  This give away also aligns well with the seasonal usability trait previously discussed.

Promotional Cap - This is the perfect baseball game give away for obvious reasons.  Not only do people use this item, it also shields you from the sun during the warm summer months both at the ballpark and away from it. The brand awareness that comes from someone wearing a baseball cap is immense.

The sky is the limit when it comes to sporting events and promotional products.  Bobble heads, t-shirts, noise makers, hand fans, blankets, tote bags and calendars all make fantastic giveaways that create further brand recognition.  To setup a promotional give away using some of the aforementioned products, contact Superior Promos today and get the expert help you need for a successful campaign.

Promotional Hand Fan

Promotional Hand Fan

Promote a Cause Not Just a Business

June 14th, 2009

We’ve frequently discussed the benefits of promotional products for your business.  However, promotional products serve quite a purpose for non-profit organizations, charities and fundraisers looking to promote a cause rather than a product or service.

The best product for promoting your cause and creating awareness is a customized silicone wristband also known as an awareness bracelet.  These wristbands can be customized by color with any message that represents your cause.  Handing these promotional items out at your event is a great way to keep the cause fresh in the recipient’s mind especially if the wristband is worn regularly.  It not only reminds the person wearing the item to stay passionate and involved with the cause, but it allows others to see the bracelet’s message as these wristbands are quite attention getting.

We’ve all seen the success of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong wristbands having sold 70 million wristbands at a $1 a piece.  The wristbands were sold to raise money for cancer research inspiring many to support that very case, but along the way, the wristband even became a part of popular fashion among celebrities and politicians.

If you’re looking to create awareness, let Superior Promos design the perfect silicone wristband for your cause.  Contact us today.

Silicone Wristband / Awareness Bracelet

Silicone Wristband / Awareness Bracelet

Promotional Items in the Fast Food Industry

June 14th, 2009

One of the few markets that hasn’t been affected by the recession is the fast food market.  Fast food giant, McDonald’s, is leading the way in 2009 with global sales up 6.9% in April compared to last year at this time.  Not all fast food chains are doing as well as McDonald’s. Burger King and Sonic’s sales have dipped dramatically. So what makes McDonald’s situation so different from the rest? Promotion.

McDonald’s is advertising 3 different promotions which can be credited to their recent upswing.  They recently unveiled a national ad campaign for their new line of espresso coffee drinks.  Coffee sales are now up 40%.  The 2nd upcoming promotion is valued-based drink pricing for the summer.  This promotion varies from market to market but is an excellent way to cater to those warm weather areas where fluid intake will be on the rise.  The last promotion is a giveaway featuring Coca-Cola collectible glasses.

Based on previous blog entries, let’s look at what makes this promotion successful.  The first factor is usefulness.  People can use this item often especially during these summer months. That also aligns with how important it is to put out promotional products that correlate to the current season.  McDonald’s is also catering to the collector crowd as Coke collectibles are rather popular throughout the U.S.

McDonald’s current giveaway shows how businesses know the benefits of promotional product giveaways. Allow us to put together the ultimate promotional product campaign for your business. Contact us today.