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Promotional Products Give The Ultimate First Impression

May 29th, 2009

When new companies enter a particular marketplace, creating a first impression is often a challenge especially when there are other companies putting out a similar product or service.  Many companies throw salesmen out into the trenches looking to attract prospective clients using passion and enthusiasm as a means to open doors. While there’s nothing wrong with that particular approach, it can often be unsuccessful.  To compliment these efforts, a sales pitch must bring something else to the table.  A promotional product is that ultimate compliment.

Instead of the salesman making the pitch, the promotional item makes the pitch.  The recipient takes interest first and foremost in the product he or she is receiving as it might be quite useful to them. They’re also absorbing your brand and logo in the process.  Once the promotional product has appealed to the person, then the human to human sales pitch can begin more naturally.  As a result of this promotional product giveaway, the recipient leaves the interaction with not only something useful, but something to associate with whom they met from your company.

As always, the product you choose plays an important part in this whole process.  You must give something useful and appealing to the senses. USB flash drivestote bags and even a wine tote bag really make a giveaway standout among the rest.

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Promotional Products and Their Impact on Doctors Continued

May 27th, 2009

Whyy.org has some more interesting tidbits regarding the recent study of promotional products and their effect on medical students at the University of Pennsylvania.  View our recent blog post about this subject.

Elizabeth Fielder of Whyy.org states, “Robert Field is a professor of health policy at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He says while doctors’ opinions might be influenced by different factors, drug companies wouldn’t be providing the promotional items if they didn’t think they had an effect.”

This is an interesting point from Mr. Field because it shows just how influential promotional products can be on doctors and consumers in general thus explaining why companies choose to market themselves using promotional products.

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Promotional Items and Their Impact on Doctors

May 26th, 2009

Interesting blog post over at http://www.injuryboard.com regarding the effect of promotional products such as promotional pens and mugs on Doctor’s prescription writing habits.

According to a study in The Archives of Internal Medicine, medical school students felt more inclined to write a prescription for a drug they had seen on a promotional gift (e.g. promotional coffee mug, promotional pen)  in comparison to students at medical schools where promotional products for Doctors were banned.

According to Beth Janicek of Injury Board, “The researchers worked with 352 third- and fourth-year students at Penn, which bans gifts, samples, etc. from drug companies, and the University of Miami, which allows them. When researchers sought to influence the student unconsciously, they found that the fourth year students at Miami showed strong positive feelings for the drug.”

The study summarizes how impactful the effect of  branding can be.  While promotional gifts in the healthcare industry can raise a lot of ethical questions, it goes to show how effective promotional items can be for your business.

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Promotional Items Have a Powerful Effect on Doctors Prescription Writing Habits

Putting Promotional Pens In Perspective

May 24th, 2009

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend.  I just wanted to make a quick point on the efficiency and affordability of promotional pens.

Let’s take a look at our Contender Click Stick Pen.  The cost for 1,000 of these customized promotional pens is $310.00.  That’s $0.31 per pen which can end up in the hand and eye sight of a potential client or existing client.  As you can see, the cost to create interest as well as retain it, is minimal making your ROI rather significant.

Promotional campaigns featuring items like promotional pens provide a unique and affordable method of building your business and creating brand awareness.  You can’t afford NOT to pursue a promotional product campaign.  Contact us to get your campaign off the ground.

Contender Click Stick Pen

Contender Click Stick Pen

Summer Time Promotional Product Ideas

May 22nd, 2009

I’ve always stressed the importance of giving your audience a promotional product they would use.  One aspect you must take into account is the season.  Now that summer is here, it’s important your promotional campaign cater to usage during this season.  Below are some promotional product ideas that are perfect for a summer campaign.

Promotional T-Shirts:  This is the obvious product because almost everyone wears t-shirts during the hot summer months.  Superior Promos’ talented staff can implement your company’s logo on a wide variety of t-shirts that will effectively display your logo.

Promotional Frisbee:  This is a great option especially for those living in the coastal areas.  This is a product your market would use, and the space on top of the Frisbee allows room for a very large and prominent logo.  Again, our talented artists can implement all of this for you and answer any questions you might have on the process.

Promotional Visor:  This is another useful promotional item because it can be used at the beach or even at sunny baseball games.  This is a universal item that can be used by your market in all cities.

Promotional Hand Fan:  Summer months can be hot — very hot.  A promotional hand fan is useful anywhere especially at the aforementioned beach, baseball game or even on a hike.

Promotional Beach Ball:  A summer time staple…  Beach balls attract attention even though it’s mainly in effort to punch the thing, but still, it’s something that makes an ideal giveaway.  Reason being, how often do you shop with intent to purchase a beach ball?  I can’t imagine this is at the top of your shopping list.  If a beach ball was given to you, wouldn’t you hold on to it?  Why wouldn’t you?

Promotional Can Cooler:  Ahh yes..the can cooler or “coolies” as they’re often referred to go hand in hand with summer time as people are enjoying themselves at lakes, rivers, beaches etc.  This item is especially effective since it’s constantly being held at eye level with logo in plain sight.

Visit http://www.superiorpromos.com to see some other great summer promotional products.  Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding product size, artwork and availability.  Perhaps I’ll see your beach ball floating around the new Yankee Stadium this summer.

How did I get this promotional product?

May 19th, 2009

In today’s economy, promotional products are used even more by companies looking to create added exposure for their brand.  I didn’t realize how apparent this was until recently when I randomly started receiving promotional products in the mail.

The first promotional product I received was a promotional white ceramic coffee mug from my favorite news article resource.  Keep in mind, I don’t pay a subscription for this site.  All they require for membership is to provide your address and e-mail.  Since I love to read news from this site while drinking my morning coffee, the promotional mug worked out perfectly.  I wrote about this recently, but this is another example of giving your audience something they would use.  And yes, I’m using it.

The second promotional product I received was a customized tote bag from a ticket broker that I bought tickets from recently.  Like the promotional mug, I had no idea this would be sent to me, but I again found this item useful.  This ticket broker is an up and coming place to buy tickets so I appreciated their effort in retaining my interest.  They will most certainly retain my business given their appreciation for me using their service.

These are just some more every day examples of how common and effective promotional products are for your business.  And, as a consumer, don’t hesitate to fill out secure forms when purchasing something online or signing up for a service. You never know what you might get in your mail.

Where Our Promotional Product Experience Helps

May 9th, 2009

There are many possible problems one can encounter when trying to implement a successful promotional product campaign. It’s important that you use an experienced company like Superior Promos that can prevent these problems and help you achieve your desired promotional product and promotional campaign.

Problem # 1 -  Space:  Will you have enough room to fit your logo on your product of choice? Will your logo work on a promotional pen?  These are questions that will need answering and our highly experienced team can give you these answers.  In addition, our talented designers can revise your artwork to where it can work with almost any product.  This service is included with all orders at no extra charge.

Problem # 2 - Order Size:  Most companies require bulk orders that consist of just too many products.  At Superior Promos, we’re happy to provide a quantity scale that starts low and ends high.  If you need an order that is less than our minimum, we can help in most cases depending on the product being ordered.  Again, contact us for any questions like this because we are here to meet your specific needs.

Problem # 3 -  Order Fulfillment Time:  A slow production time can really cause problems for your promotional campaign especially when you have deadlines to meet.  At Superior Promos, we offer a fantastic rush service for most of our products. Most promotional items have a 5, 3 or 2 rush option with 1 day available on our most popular items.  Rush shipping is included in this service. Please note, we do charge an extra fee for rush service, but the production quality within this small time frame is still second to none.

In summary, our experienced promotional product experts can handle any potential obstacle that might occur when developing a promotional campaign.  Our expertise and our wide range of promotional products create the ultimate promotional product resource on the web.

The Benefits of Promotional Products

May 5th, 2009

You often see promotional products without realizing it.  You know the note pads next to the phone with a realtor’s smiling face or the business card magnet of your favorite handyman on your refrigerator?  You get the idea.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using promotional products.

1.  Interest Retention -  Providing a useful promotional product makes all the difference.  Your target audience uses your product and is consistently reminded of your brand even if they don’t realize they’re being reminded.  One day, they might need your service  or product and guess who they’re going to think of first and foremost?  But remember, give away something that you know your audience would use.

2.  Trade-show Booth Buzz -  Promotional products can help your trade-show presence tremendously.  Don’t just be another booth that people walk by and ignore.  Get out there and hand out some promotional products that capture the attendees’ attention.  Receiving a useful product with your brand will give them a reason to come visit your booth and learn more about your business.  Try it….it works.

3.  Free Samples - Promotional products and free samples work hand in hand.  People get to try your product right then and there, and your brand is labeled all over it for a reminder of how to get more of it.

4.  Corporate Giveaways - What better way to promote your brand than with your own employees.  Rewarding employees for hard work or certain accomplishments with promotional products is an excellent way to create brand awareness.  A company backpack or laptop case is something the employee can use in and out of the office for all to see.  A quality promotional product that employees would want and use also creates added incentive to work diligently.

These are just a few examples of how promotional products can benefit your business and brand.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to point out the many more advantages of promotional products.  In the meantime, explore all the many different promotional products that we have to offer.  Who knows, I might even see your business card magnet on my refridgerator.