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The Top Promotional Products for Campaign Season That You Must Use

August 28th, 2012

During campaign season, it’s important to utilize the power of promotional products to the fullest extent.  Bringing awareness during this time of year is critical in order to see that your candidate, proposition or cause is voted for, passed or elected.  Distributing a promotional product to voters who normally who wouldn’t be aware of such candidates or issues has long been one of the most influential methods of campaign marketing.

With campaign season upon us, we spoke with a customer of ours who is currently managing a campaign in the state of California and orders promotional products for his campaign needs every campaign season.  Below are his most recommended suggestions for campaign season promotional products:

Promotional Bumper Stickers

With the majority of Americans commuting to work, promotional bumper stickers are notorious during campaign season since many of us sit in traffic and spend our time staring into traffic while reading vanity license plates, license plate holders, and of course, bumper stickers.

Promotional Yard Signs

Across cities and towns, even in frontyards, promotional yard signs are commonplace during campaign season.  You won’t find a more obvious way to promote your candidate’s name or prop number than a large attention-getting sign.

Promotional Balloons

Promotional balloons are another political mainstay as they’re decorative pieces for parties and events including campaign rallies.  If you want to promote a political event, promotional balloons are an absolute must.

Promotional Buttons

Campaign season is known for one thing: Buttons!  Promotional buttons might be the most recognized material used in any campaign. Wear your patriotism right on your sleeve (literally) and draw attention immediately.

Promotional Magnets

The kitchen is one of the best places to promote your cause; Studies show people spend more time in the kitchen than any other room hence why your target voter is more likely to remember you with a customized promotional magnets promoting a candidate or proposition.  Campaign reps often go door-to-door with marketing items including promotional magnets reminding people who to vote for and of course, when and where.

Honorary Mention:

Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens are the single most effective promotional item your campaign (as well as any business) can utilize. Promotional Pens provide every-day use, something we cannot take for granted since they are the most impressionable and recalled Promotional Item on the market

Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional T-Shirts are also a great way to show your patriotism and support around town.  Our customizable t-shirts are blank, ready for your logo and completely bi-partisan!

Promotional Tote Bags

Stay eco-friendly while promoting your campaign with one of our Promotional Tote Bags. Again, it is suggested that you give-away promotional products that provide the end-user something applicable in their daily lives.  When selecting a promotional product, it’s important to think of an item that people will use but don’t necessarily have time to shop for or wouldn’t think of shopping for creating some thoughtful and memorable.

Superior Promos’ staff has been making campaign promotional items since the Reagan administration.  We know how to design campaign products that are sure to get your voters’ attention and create a long-lasting impression, win or lose.

For questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-577-6777.


Superior Promos is Now on Pinterest

May 17th, 2012


Superior Promos Promotional Products is now a part of the online “pinning” world. Pinterest is an interactive community which allows users to share inspirations and products found from around the web. This new social platform has been quite the thrill for us here at Superior Promos. Usually you have to go to Trade Show to find this much interest!

Why Join Pinterest?

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You can meet others who share interests alike.

After you plan your Promotional Product venture you can create a board to plan your wedding and then maybe plan to redecorate your home!

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Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month Through Promotional Products

October 24th, 2009

October has long been recognized as breast cancer awareness month.  The pink ribbon is the ultimate symbol of this cause, but pink promotional products are also being used to mark this month and create further awareness.  Again, this reinforces the principle of how promotional products are just as influential for cause marketing as they are for brand marketing.  Even the NFL and its equipment sponsors are using pink to mark this special month. You’ll see players wearing pink gloves, cleats and even drinking out of pink water bottles.  PPAI.org provides a fantastic and informative piece on this very same subject.

How Superior Promos Helped The Miami Beach Coalition Promote A Cause

October 24th, 2009

Recently, Superior Promos aided the Miami Beach Coalition (MBC) in order to provide them with a fantastic presence at some of their sponsored events such as The Rally for Recovery.  In the past, we’ve discussed how promotional products can promote awareness for a cause, not just a selling a product. Our campaign for MBC  was geared for exactly that; promoting causes such as a drug free community.

The Miami Beach Coalition (MBC) is comprised of a broad range of professionals throughout Miami Beach and its neighboring communities. Through the programs the MBC has embraced like the TeenPlus Payback Program, Project Sticker Shock, Safe Homes/Safe Parties and the Parent Peer groups, the goals of the coalition are communicated.

We put together a wide variety of promotional products and materials for  MBC including table covers, promotional pens and pencils, promotional water bottles, promotional magnets, promotional tote bags, promotional t-shirts, promotional umbrellas, promotional keychains and much more.