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How NOT To Use A Free Promotional Product

December 28th, 2009

If any of you watched the Christmas day NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, you might have noticed angry Laker fans throwing foam hand promotional items on the court in response to the poor officiating and poor play of their home team.  We’ve often talked about the many uses of promotional products, but I think we will keep this one off the list : ) .

Update On Tobacco Company Lawsuit Regarding Use of Promotional Products

November 23rd, 2009

We’ve chronicled the recent law passed by President Obama to ban the use of tobacco company logos on promotional products.  Well, we also touched on the tobacco companies’ lawsuit to remove this particular element of the aforementioned ban.  Just recently, a Federal judge dealt the Tobacco companies another blow by saying their lawsuit was unwarranted.

The Tobacco companies are said to be considering their options in response to this latest ruling.  One more interesting note from this article was”Richmond, Va.-based Altria Group Inc., parent company of the nation’s largest tobacco maker, Philip Morris USA, supported the law and has not joined the industry lawsuit.

Tobacco Company Sues Over Promotional Product Ban

September 22nd, 2009

In June, we reported about the new law President Obama signed banning tobacco companies from utilizing their company logos on promotional products. Now a group of tobacco companies has filed a federal lawsuit to block some of the aspects of this law claiming it violates free speech. One of the aspects of this lawsuit does in fact include overturning the ban of logos on promotional products.  We’ll continue to monitor the fallout of this new law and how this lawsuit plays out.  Stay tuned…

Promotional Items Crossing Into Reality Television

September 21st, 2009
With reality television and DVR technology reaching enormous levels of popularity over the past 5-10 years, companies have paid top dollar for product placement within popular reality shows.  DVR technology affected the number of commercial views quite significantly forcing companies to find more creative ways of advertising such as in-show product placement.  Given the recent economic hardships, many companies do not have the budget for such product placements so many companies are gifting promotional products to reality shows and their stars in hopes of free placement and exposure during filming.

Fox News Reports that infamous reality star, Jon Gosselin of “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” is notorious for milking promotional products from companies in order to provide for his 8 children while spending his show salary on himself.  While I don’t condone the actions of Mr. Gosselin or the act of watching his show, you have to give some credit to companies taking a risk and using their promotional product inventory towards a non-guaranteed spot on one of the most popular reality shows in America. As our recent post about Jason Sadler indicated, it’s important to think outside the box on occasion in regards to how you’re giving away your promotional product.

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Recent Iowa Law Exempts Promotional Products From Ban

July 11th, 2009

Throughout this blog, we’ve covered the significant impact of promotional products and gifts within particular industries — especially the health care industry.  Recently, we covered the affect promotional items have on medical students as well as the recent limitations imposed on promotional products by medical associations.  The State of Iowa recently just passed a law banning gifts to Doctors from pharmaceutical companies.  Kickbacks like tickets, meals, and travel packages are no longer allowed under the terms of this legislation.

However, the key element of this law is the exemption of promotional gifts meaning pharmaceutical companies can still impact Doctor’s decision with promotional products like promotional pens and notepads. This is obviously a victory for pharmaceutical companies and is ”better than nothing.”

At Superior Promos, we will continue to follow these news stories as they depict just how powerful promotional products are on people.  While we don’t support the use of promotional items in effort to impact Doctor’s decisions, we stand by these type of promotions for nearly all industries that want to create further brand recognition and awareness.  To make an impact on your potential customers, contact us today.

Promotional Items in the Medical Industry Update

June 30th, 2009

We covered the study regarding promotional gifts and medical students rather extensively.   Now, we’re starting to see further limitations placed on promotional items in the medical industry.  AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association, has change its code of ethics to disallow the gifting of promotional items to health care professionals. Specifically, the use of pens, notepads as well as mugs are deemed to have no educational use to medical professionals and fit the scope of this recent ban.  AdvaMed is an association for medical equipment firms so clearly promotional products have an impact similarly to the pharmaceutical side of things.  It’s important to note that these guidelines are voluntary and companies can choose not to comply.

Again, we must drill home the point that there’s a reason bans are being placed on promotional items in industries such as medical technology and tobacco.  Promotional gifts are extremely impactful and can influence the decision of someone without them knowing it.  Limitations would not be placed on something that has little to no impact.

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Obama Signs Law Banning Tobacco Companies From Using Promotional Products

June 24th, 2009

President Obama recently signed a bill allowing the FDA to regulate tobacco companies as aggressively as ever.  Reducing teenagers’ use of tobacco is the primary purpose of this bill.  Obama, a smoker himself, wants to end the sales pitch to children.  He states, “The kids today don’t just start smoking for no reason. They’re aggressively targeted as customers by the tobacco industry. They’re exposed to a constant and insidious barrage of advertising where they live, where they learn, and where they play. Most insidiously, they are offered products with flavorings that mask the taste of tobacco and make it even more tempting…”   Obama empathizes with teenagers since he was once one of those teenagers that started smoking early on and is now struggling to quit.

Now, how does this relate to promotional items you ask?  Well, part of the bill bans tobacco companies from imprinting their logo on promotional items as well as at sporting or entertainment venues.  The bill also bans the usage of terms like “low,” “light” and “mild” on packaging.  Tobacco companies will also have to submit the ingredients used to the FDA and include stronger warning labels on packages.

Let’s read between the lines.  Why would the government ban tobacco company logos on promotional items such as clothing?  The reason is promotional products with imprinted logos have a powerful effect on people.  We’ve illustrated this point throughout this blog and most recently in the blog entry about promotional items and their impact on Doctors.  The Government was fully aware of how powerful a tobacco company logo can be on children especially with how prevalent advertising is nowadays especially on the Internet.

We’re glad the President has put a stop to the promotion of something that endangers our society.  Of course we endorse the use of promotional items, but not when they’re used to promote a product or cause that is harmful.   As Sen. Edward Kennedy stated, this was “long overdue.”