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Writing Tools to Get Your Business Recognised

December 5th, 2016

The days of using pen and paper aren’t gone yet! While many people do rely on technology to send emails and such, writing tools are still a necessity. They can be used to jot down information next to the phone or the computer. They can be used to make grocery lists or to do lists.

With that in mind, you can offer a great tool that with also help your business. Promotional stationery gives you an opportunity to offer business associates and customers something to remind them of who you are and what you offer. Customising it to share your business information is a great way to make sure they don’t forget about you.


Promotional stationery is a generous way to share your information with them and not be pushy. Consumers and business contacts are tired of pushy sales tactics. They want to have the freedom to choose who they work without. They don’t want to feel pressured and they don’t want to feel uneasy when they turn something down.

When you go about marketing your business in a generous manner, you get their trust. They are more inclined to buy from you because you were generous. What you offer them doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to have value. Promotional stationery is something they will use and it isn’t going to eat up all of your marketing budget.


Don’t cut corners when you offer promotional stationery though. The quality of this free item can be a reflection of how they see your business. It needs to be quality paper that doesn’t rip and doesn’t smear when they write on it. Offer a generous amount of pages too so they don’t use all of it in one or two sittings.

The personalised business information on the promotional stationery needs to be quality too. It should include your business name in large letters and then your phone number and other contact details in smaller letters. Use a nice font and colours that reflect your business. If you have a logo, that should also be on there.

Creative and Effective

With promotional stationery, you have an exciting and creative way to reach your customers and business associates. This is an effective way for you to reach out to them and to thank them for their connection to your business. When they feel appreciated and valued, it helps to forge a long term relationship.

This is what you want - not just a one time purchase and then they forget you. A business that has longevity and ongoing growth typically has a solid customer base behind it. Of course you need to continue striving to gain new customers too. Working your marketing strategy on both ends gives you the best chance of being a leader among your competitors.


This type of clever marketing is less expensive than other promotional items you may be considering. It is also more useful than many other items that are offered and then tossed out or put in a drawer and forgotten about. The more you order, the bigger discount you get. Take your time to compare offers and find a great provider for such a service.

They should have a solid reputation for offering great looking items. What they provide is going to directly represent your business. You need to be very proud of it and eager to give the stationery to your business associates and your customers for them to use. It is a great way to lay a foundation for a wonderful relationship together.

Benefits Of Using Custom Embroidered Patches

December 5th, 2016

Custom embroidered patches when used effectively can prove to be very useful as a branding solution for a business. This type of branding medium is very versatile and can help a business stand out and appear more established and sophisticated. These custom embroidery patches can either be attached with a pin or sewn on. Iron-on backing is one of the more modern methods of attachment.

Custom embroidered patches can be applied to a variety of fabric materials, colors and fonts. These attachments found on any apparel are used to establish a unique identity of the wearer. Here are some important benefits of using custom embroidered patches:

Cost- These attachments are cost-effective than direct embroidery. New sewing technologies and customized designs have also helped in reducing the manufacturing cost. They are the best for people looking to operate within a budget.

Professional Look- Uniforms with custom embroidered patches look bold and offers professionalism and refinement. They offer a personal touch and helps a great deal in connecting with clients.

Distinguishes a Business- Every business looking to promote its brand or business can greatly benefit from these. They can help in promoting a brand or business in a unique and distinctive way and allow it to stand out from the crowd.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes- The best part about these patches is that they are available in a range of designs, shapes and sizes. They can be easily applied to shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps or any other form of clothing. You can also remove them anytime without ruining it and allowing reuse of the garment.

Durable- They can withstand a number of cleaning and drying cycles without changing appearance or becoming dull. They can be used for long in active environments like, industries, hospitality and healthcare.

Plenty of Choices- There are many manufacturers that can offer you many options. They can offer you custom embroidered patches in many types of colors and fabric choices. They can also effectively handle your promotional events and make promotional items which you might need for your company, like hats, jackets or bags.

Advertisement- Any clothing material with custom embroidered patches offers free mode of advertisement and act as a walking billboard.

Custom embroidered patches offer a flexible option to individuals and businesses to effectively deliver their message and make them stand out. There are many online stores that can help you in designing patches matching your needs.

Don’t Overlook This Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

December 5th, 2016

Even though we live in a digital age, we still have plenty of scenarios where we hand write information or sign a signature. Don’t overlook the value of promotional pens as they are an inexpensive and practical way to promote your business.

Your budget for marketing may not be very much, and you need to stretch everything you can. There are other modes of marketing that cost quite a bit more and they don’t give you the same return on the investment. For just a few cents each, you can enjoy the significant value of getting your message out there to a volume of people.

Quality Matters

If you are going to offer promotional pens to get information out there about your business, they need to be good quality. Don’t buy pens that don’t look nice or don’t grip well. They should write smoothly and they should last a long time. When you have a great product like this, people are going to reach for it again and again. They will remember your business as they do.

You may be saying your promotional item isn’t reaching only your niche market. That is true, but with them being so affordable, you can justify reaching the masses. Even if that person doesn’t need what you offer, there is a good chance the next person who gets that pen in their hands will.

What should they Say?

Keep in mind your promotional pens need to share information. Even though you don’t have a huge amount of space, make the most of it. They should include your business name, phone number, and website address. If you can get your logo on there and it looks great, then go for it. Sometimes, logos are too detailed to look decent when you scale them down that far.

Even if someone doesn’t need your service or product right now, they will remember your business name when they do. They will be familiar with it and comfortable with it, even if they can’t pinpoint why. It has to do with the subconscious and how our minds are able to file information.

Getting them Distributed

It isn’t hard to get promotional pens distributed with ease. Give them out to friends, family, and people you work with. Give them at community events. When you so to the bank or other business, swap their items on the counter with a few of your promotional pens. It won’t be long before others slip one into their purse.

Promotional pens are found all over the place, both locally and far away. People tend to write with them and leave them behind. At the next location, they may use one and put in their pocket or their purse. It is very similar to the way money is exchanged. A single bill can be found all over the place before it is finally done being in circulation.

Low Cost

Creating top quality promotional pens isn’t expensive so your overhead is lower than you may have anticipated with this type of option. It is certainly less expensive than many of the alternatives. Plus, people need pens all the time so this isn’t an item that is just going to sit in a drawer or be tossed out.

Typically, the more you buy the less you pay. The provider has to set up their machines to create the information on your product. It doesn’t matter if you get 100 or 10,000 - the set up is the same for them. They often give deep discounts when you buy these items in bulk. Consider them a walking advertisement for your business.

Custom Umbrella Printing - Know Your Options

December 5th, 2016

Branded printed umbrellas are very good promotional items and one of the things that are important to know is the printing options that you have. The printing techniques are different and give different results. Whereas some may start fading or chipping away, some are permanently printed into your umbrellas. It is therefore important that you know the type of printing is best for the kind of umbrellas you are getting for your business.

Usually the printing options you have depend on the umbrella manufacturer you have settled for and what methods they offer. If you have a particular printing option you wish for your umbrellas, then it is best that you ask your manufacturer if your needs can be accommodated to avoid wastage of time. Here are some of the most common options you can choose from when printing custom umbrellas.

Screen printing

It is a traditional method that remains to be highly effective and it is also long lasting. In this method, your images will be transferred onto umbrella surface using ink pressed through the stenciled silk screen. The prints are treated using light-sensitive emulsion. This method offers excellent reproduction of colored logos and it is a printing method that is cost effective.

Digital printing

Digitally printing umbrellas make it possible to panel prints using vibrant patterns and colors. It is a method that offers shorter production time and using the digital print technology you can create breathtaking promotional umbrellas that would otherwise have been hard to achieve. Different visual effects can be combined to create umbrellas that not only pass the message, but are visually impressive to the recipients.

Dye sublimation printing

It is heat transfer printing that uses sublimation inks on the surface of the umbrella using a heat press. It is generally a combination of heat, pressure and time that cause inks to convert from solid to gaseous state that making it possible for them to penetrate the umbrella material permanently. The results are long lasting and resistant to scratching so you do not have to worry about your prints coming off even when the users wash the umbrellas. The greatest advantage of this printing method is that there is no deterioration of prints even after prolonged use. There is also no limit as to the number of colors you can print.

UV printing

This is a low energy printing technology that dramatically reduces the use of solvents in the process. The method offers excellent print color matches, especially when used on dark fabrics and offers remarkable level of detail even for small texts and intricate designs. The method is environmentally friendly and you will just love the even smooth finish of your umbrellas.

Apart from the printing, you can also opt for other striking effects such as embroidery and sewing that make your umbrellas stand out. The two can be combined with your preferred printing method to create decorative umbrellas that still promote your brand in a stylish way. Sophisticated embroidery machines are used to achieve the results and you can choose from different effects, including tags, panel designs, sleeve decorations and labels.

Get Covered From Competition And Weather Elements Using Promotional Umbrellas

December 5th, 2016

Custom printed umbrellas are great marketing tools and lots of brands are going for them to expose their products and services. With competition ever rising in the market, your company remains as good as the efforts you put into keeping it relevant to the market. Giving away free items and corporate gifts is one of the best approaches you can use, but there are so many other options you can consider as well.

Promotional umbrellas come in a wide range and you can choose from golf umbrellas to bigger parasols for use in different locations and events. The truth is that people need umbrellas to shelter from the elements like rain and the sun and there is therefore no limit as to where the umbrellas can be used. When you offer them for your promotion you can be sure your message and brand will be taken far and wide fetching your business the kind of exposure and visibility you have been yearning for.

Because umbrellas stand out even in crowds, your logo and included message easily attracts attention of people around. It is very difficult to ignore a beautiful, brightly colored beach umbrella of even golf umbrella that seems to be screaming for attention. You can use the umbrellas as giveaways during events or have the used in specific events so attendants can see your message. With such a huge palette of brilliant colors to choose from, you will end up attracting even casual lookers. When designing however, it is important to ensure that you umbrellas will actually be usable by the group you are targeting. How can you do this?

Get the right style. The umbrellas you select for your clients should meet their tastes and preferences. The patterning and coloring of the umbrellas should be in line with what the target group likes or finds appealing.

Get the perfect venue. How and where you distribute the umbrellas also matter. Tradeshows are some of the best platforms you can use to give the advertising umbrellas or you can also use sporting events. Your line of business should make it easy for you to decide how you are going to distribute the umbrellas.

Have a marketing strategy. The last thing you want to do is use the promotional umbrellas just because you saw your competition do the same. It is important that you work as an individual company and have a marketing strategy that makes the umbrellas the perfect promotional items to use. Be sure that your approach will indeed work for your business and at least fetch you the kind of results you are looking for. When every decision is targeted, you will have the umbrellas work wonders for you.

Umbrellas are budget friendly, making them perfect for mass events and trade shows as well. Know how you want to distribute them and to whom so you are able to make all the right decisions with your marketing approach using the umbrellas.

Win New Customers With Innovative Promotional Products

November 28th, 2016

An advertising campaign is similar to playing a game, there are strategies, rules and tactics to be taken into consideration in order to win, in this case you want to win new customers and please your old ones. Marketing strategies have been tried and tested for years before the experts came up with the winning recipes. One of the most valuable techniques in any promotion is to incorporate the use of promotional products.

When you decide to give away promotional items to win new customers and keep your loyal ones is entirely up to you and can be done at any point. But what you should be looking at is what you are aiming at achieving, the money you spend on promotional products has to be money well spent, so will it gain you anything?

A quality promotional product should be one that attracts the attention of the client, a gift that is original and modern is going to be admired and talked about. To attract potential new customers then look for items that fit into this category, you want to be talked about and in order to accomplish this you need something that is a little showy-off and will get tongues wagging, about your product and brand.

Once your brand awareness has been raised then any promotional gifts should be chosen specifically to enhance the image of your company and popularity of your product. With loyal customers, gifts should be chosen with attention to detail and is dependent on the kind of relationship you have with them.

Who is your target audience? Vital research should always be carried out by your marketing team before any money is spent on a campaign. Decide on the type of clientele you want to attract and who to aim your campaign at, these are two important aspects of any promotion if you want it to succeed. Consider the area you want to cover, and the message you want to send out.

Getting your message across should be given a lot of thought, as you don’t want to waste your promotional product impact. It is this that will have an effect on your clientele and attract them to your brand. Keep it nice and simple and this will make it more effective.

Quality is always very important when choosing items. Even if the items you choose are low-cost, such as key tags, pens, mouse mats or printed balloons, the quality of each item should still be of a high standard. Quality made products displaying your company name is a promotional strategy that can only be successful.

How long your promotion will last will depend on the type of promotion product you decide to purchase. Is it going to be a one-off event, such as a trade fair or exhibition, or will it be a longer running campaign that could go on for a month or even a year?

Once you have made all the necessary decisions then re-check through all the details to ensure you haven’t missed anything. Evaluate every aspect and see if it could be improved, and after every promotion always assess it to see if it could have been run any better so that you know for the next time and can subsequently make improvements.

There are all kinds of promotional items available on the market today. Printed balloons are one low-cost but effective promotional product, especially at open days and trade shows. Blown up for full impact kids will just love the bright colors and demand to have one to take home. With your logo or company message printed on them they are the perfect way to advertise as they will be carried around the event for all to see.

Lapel pins are also an innovative idea, use them to support your chosen charity or to raise awareness of a particular project. Maximize the use of your logo by designing your own lapel pins, earrings, refrigerator magnets, car badges, computer pins and even zipper pulls. Check online for original and new promotional product ideas if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Fridge Magnets - A Hit As Promotional Products

November 28th, 2016

As competition on the internet increases it becomes more and more difficult to set your business apart from all the others. One particular marketing technique that has been proven to work but isn’t made the most of by some companies is promotional products.

Promotional products are a very simple idea; they can be straightforward household products or other everyday items that have been printed with your company logo, name or message to your customers. Ask anyone about promotional products and the first items that usually spring to mind are pens, mouse mats and T-shirts. However there is a huge range of items available on the market these days and, whatever the size of your company or your budget, you are sure to find something that will fit in with your requirements.

Most businesses now have websites; along with printing your logo on an item to be used in your promotion you should always include your website address. Many people prefer to shop over the internet, and even if they don’t actually buy online and prefer to purchase from the high street, they often will at least take a look at the website before they go.

Before deciding on any promotional items carefully consider your clientele. For example, if you run a motor vehicle company then what sort of items might attract customers? Perhaps a car key chain or small tool set, a torch or air freshener. There are heaps of simple and yet very effective ideas out there so ensure you purchase products that fit in with your client base if you want to succeed.

People often need some kind of motivation to get them to spend money. A way you could facilitate this is by offering them a deal if they buy 2 items instead of just the one they intended. This means they get 2 items at a discount price, plus you could throw in a promotional product too. If you have an online book store they could get 2 books at low prices and a free leather bookmark, if the bookmark is attractive and good quality then many people will be tempted to spend that little bit more.

Don’t forget your loyal customers, it can pay to keep in touch with them and reward them in some way. Customers who buy regularly from you, or consistently buy expensive items, could be rewarded by a quality promotional gift sent along with their order as a small thank you for their loyalty.

This could also be extended to your business associates as a thank you for a successful working relationship, even your staff will appreciate a gift to say thanks for their loyalty and commitment; they could be rewarded with a quality product if they get the highest sales that month for example. As you can see, promotional products can be used in many different ways and are a great way to build relationships with the people that matter to your business.

A winning formula to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter is to regularly organize a competition or lucky draw. If they win, you send them a promotional product printed with your logo and website address. Most people will be happy to take a few minutes to sign up as we all love something for free. If you choose a quality promotional product that is related to the service you provide, or products you sell, then you also aim it at your target audience.

There is a broad range of promotional gifts available to you as a business. Any item that is practical, functional, attractive or quirky is going to be a hit with your customers. Whether you choose simple items like pens, mugs, key rings,fridge magnets or something more exclusive such as leather bags, designer brand clothes, luggage or elegant glassware, they all have their advantages.

Any item with a practical use has immediate appeal for promotional purposes, promotional fridge magnets are such an item as people stick them to their fridge and they can be there for years! Years of free advertising as your message is conveyed to everyone who passes through.

How to Save 10-50% on Your Promotional Products While Achieving Superior Results

November 28th, 2016

A carefully selected promotional product can become an ideal relationship building tool. One of the key benefits of promotional products is that they are the only advertising your client will thank you for - everyone loves getting a gift!

Among the major goals of any promotional campaign will be to achieve the maximum impact, at the most reasonable price possible, leading to a superior return on investment. What many companies fail to realise is that with a small amount of extra planning they can improve in both these areas, by providing products with superior impact, and often at a reduced cost.

In business, the value of time can never be overestimated, with promotional products even more so. Whilst many people are aware of the possibility of overseas production (commonly known as “indent”), they are often surprised at the savings that can be made, and the many other benefits that exist. Even if a product is to be produced locally, the benefit of time can produce great savings.

Consider this scenario; a customer contacts five promotional products suppliers, asking for their best price on Cooler Bags, and need them decorated and delivered in one or two weeks. Firstly many standard production jobs take this long to decorate with your logo, so each company quoting will have to rush out a basic quote for standard off the shelf Cooler Bags. The client then goes with the cheapest supplier, who may or may not do a good print job (sometimes cheap does equal nasty in terms of print quality), and with any luck the company will have a reasonable quality item in a stock standard colour, ready for their promotion.

Now consider an alternative scenario; A customer starts planning a promotional campaign four or five months in advance of release date. They have also developed a solid relationship with one (or maybe two) promotional products suppliers, who through working with the customer over a period of time, gain a good understanding of their customers, target market etc. They give a solid brief on the requirements of and ideas for the campaign to the promotional supplier.

If the promotional supplier is a quality supplier, given the good lead time they will then invest a few days coming up with creative ideas, developing design concepts and working on product sourcing - rather than the rush situation in the first scenario. Each party can then worth together to refine concepts, work out artwork and finalise an order.

Given the good lead time, in this second scenario the order could be produced offshore and sea freighted in. The product (lets say its still a Custom Cooler Bag) can have a huge variety of decoration options not available locally, including the fabric being dyed to a custom colour, advanced decoration options such as all over prints may be included, subtle branding such as custom zip pulls can be added, the list goes on.

What the client ends up with is a promotional item that it part of their brand - rather than just a standard item with a logo slapped on the front. It increases the perceived value to the end user who receives, and generally just looks a lot more cool.

Sounds great, but the upside continues! In addition to being able to produce unique promotional items, the price will in many cases be lower than a standard off the shelf product! The reason for this is that while the product itself is worth about the same, the decoration (printing, embroidery) can be completed offshore at the point of manufacture at much lower rates than local production. While lower labour costs play a part, it is also quicker and easier to decorate sheets of fabric which are then sewn to become a the final product, rather than printing it after it’s fully made which is what must be completed locally. The savings made from purchasing factory direct (if your promotional products supplier offers this service) and through not having to warehouse the stock locally will also be passed onto the client in most cases.

The Best Promotional Products For Your Company

November 28th, 2016

Many business owners think about promotional products, but are not quite sure what is best for their specific type of business. While there are many great product ideas to choose from, not every product will be right for every business. Take the time to think about your business, your customers, and what would be most effective.

Here are some examples to help you decide what promotional products would work best:

A business that deals with insurance, financial products, or other office-related products and services would benefit from office supplies and calendars. Consider promotional gifts such as pens, magnets, planners and calendars, and even office accessories for employees or highly appreciated customers.

A local market might enjoy the promotion that they get from reusable promotional bags, which are all the rage right now. Of course, any business can give these away to customers to provide a great marketing tool to the now eco-conscious consumers of the world. Many stores sell these bags to consumers, but if you can afford to offer them as marketing gifts, you’ll generate a lot more interest because people love free stuff.

Promotional clothing is great for employee appreciation and promotion through customers, as well. Of course, this will be best reserved in a situation where you can afford to give away free clothing products, which will be more expensive. Consider using these products for prizes, expos, and other situations.

Promotional household items and personal accessories can be great for just about any business. For example, if you have a contracting business, giving your customers free promotional products like appliances and kitchen accessories can be a great way to say thanks for their business and give them something useful for their home.

These are just a few examples of how promotional products can be used. Ultimately, you will have to consider a few elements to figure out which items are right for your company. Think about your budget first, because this is most important. Then, think about the occasion or intended use. If you’re handing out promotional items to everyone who walks in the door, you won’t want to offer high-end or expensive products unless you are a high-end business that needs to set the tone. Consider clothing and more expensive promotional products for gifts with purchases or as a thank-you for doing business with a customer, while using less expensive items for general promotion and to attract new business.

From outdoor products to office supplies, cell phone accessories, awards and motivational promotional gifts, and everything in between, you can find something to suit your needs. Consider the usability of whatever you offer because your business will get the most visibility out of things that people use or see on a regular basis. Products that are used outside of the home, such as bags, clothing, or luggage, can be much more successful in drawing more traffic because more people will see them. If you take the time to browse the available products, you should have no trouble finding something that suits your specific needs for promotional products. Of course, if you’re having trouble, you can always ask a promotional products specialist for assistance.

10 Costly Mistakes When Buying Promotional Products

November 28th, 2016

Nearly every business, whether large or small uses some type of promotional item to giveaway to their customers. The reason they do is because promotional products are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Buying promotional items should be an investment that brings a return on your money and NOT an expense. Here are the 10 most common pitfalls with businesses buying promotional products.

  1. Buying from Order Takers - The top mistake that most buyers make is going with an inexperienced company or with a company that takes no interest in helping your campaign succeed. To elaborate further, many promotional product distributors are interested only in the sale and not the well-being of your marketing campaign success. These distributors will gladly take your money but their customer service is lousy. Experienced distributors know that any future repeat business from their clients hinges directly on the successes of their campaigns, so any smart distributor is going to try to help their clients in every way possible to offer any suggestions to better their marketing efforts. Therefore, using a knowledgeable distributor will benefit you greatly with any campaign. It doesn’t make any sense to go with a company that is just simply offering a lower price on an item if they give no service, especially if you’re just talking pennies per item.
  2. Not Developing an Objective for Your Campaign - So what are you trying to achieve with your purchase of promotional items? Are you just going for brand awareness? Are you actually wanting to increase sales? Are you trying to get customer contact info for a mailing or telemarketer list? Are you using your giveaways as thank you gifts? Are you using the items are employee incentives? All of these are crucial questions that need answers because you must define the target audience and define what you action you desire. If you want to increase sales, you might want to use the item as a FREE gift with purchase. Or if you are wanting to thank your employees for a job well done, you will want to give them a premium item that they will keep and use often. If you are promoting brand awareness, you will want to get an item that is related to your product, brand, or service. A promotional products consultant can help you with creative ideas and it doesn’t cost you any extra for this service.
  3. Buying Trash - You don’t go through your neighbor’s garbage can and offer to buy his garbage and then give it away to your customers, so why buy useless junk that will end up in the trash can that same day. Don’t buy a 20 cent pen and expect people to jump up and down in excitement. A cheap item like that is likely to skip when writing, smear, and possibly not even write at all. Then all you have done is wasted your money and given your customers and potential customers a bad taste about your company. They get a cheap feel about your business and associate your service and products as cheap and useless.
  4. Being Stingy - I always love this one! I see people buying promotional products all the time, but they hoard the items in a closet and don’t give them away. They save them for “special people” or “special occasions” that never really come. The items stay boxed up in a closet and offer no marketing value. You’ve spent the money on the items, so now get some use out of them. An average promotional item is viewed by many more people than just the recipient. Therefore, one item has a lot of marketing power to affect multiple locations.
  5. No Contact Info - Having just your logo printed on items without contact information such as your website, address, or phone number is not usually recommended unless you are simply promoting brand awareness. Even if you are just promoting brand awareness and not trying to get orders from this marketing item, you should still at least have your website printed on the items, unless you have National or Worldwide recognition such as Microsoft.
  6. Wrong Item for Your Target Audience- So often I get calls from people wanting specific items, but when I question them about their intentions with the items, I find out the items are completely inappropriate for the recipients. You don’t want to have custom imprinted pocket knives and pass them out to kindergartners or give logo molded chocolate out at a diabetes seminar. Although, these examples are extreme, this drives the point home. Make sure you know who the recipients will be. If most will be elderly, give out something that age group can use. If they are a younger audience, make sure and give out something that will appeal to that generation. This simple concept is often overlooked and should be thought about carefully. In many instances, you may need to think about getting 2 or 3 types of items if you have a diverse crowd.
  7. Information Overload - Printing too much information on a promotional item is a no no. Often people want to print their business name, logo, address, website, phone number, fax number, and a tag line on a pen with a 1/2 in.x 1 in. imprint area. This of course makes no sense because with most promotional items, the imprint area is limited and the more you print, the smaller the imprint will be. What good does the imprint do if you need a magnifying glass to see it. Think about the pertinent info you need. Your logo, business name, phone number, and website is usually sufficient. Do you really need a fax number on a promotional item? Simpler is often better. Information overload will cause people to not read the info.
  8. No Tracking Method - Having a way to track the Return on Investment (ROI) is always a great idea with promotional products. You can use them like a coupon and include an exclusive discount or coupon code so that you will know exactly how many people placed an order or made a purchase that was directly related to this item. For example, bring this tote bag to the store to bag your items at checkout and receive a 5% discount. Or have a coupon code that says 10% off your purchase on our website by using promo code TAKE10. By doing this, you can measure results and know if this type of marketing is working for you. In order to be successful with your campaign, there is still a lot of other planning to do such as targeting the right audience with the right product.
  9. Giving Away High Dollar Items in Bulk - I have seen several companies (the ones with plenty of money to spend) giving away premium items to anyone they see. While premium items are very effective to giveaway to your top customers, I never recommend giving them away to just anyone. That is the quickest way to break the bank. Bulk items should be the lower cost items under $3.00 each.
  10. No Advance Planning - Make sure you order early enough in advance to avoid rush charges and expedited shipping charges. Most promotional products can take up to 2 weeks for production; however, you can get many products these days with free rush service, but you still may have to use 2-day or overnight shipping to get your items on time. This can be avoided with a little advance planning and ordering early enough. Why waste money on rush or expedited shipping fees?