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Give Your Product or Service A Boost With A Custom-Made Promotional Video

January 8th, 2017

Statistics are a point of interest for every discerning entrepreneur. Take for instance a Forrester Research study that shows 79% of shoppers rely on online videos to make their purchase. Another set of numbers from YouTube shows over 4 billion of them are viewed daily on this platform.

But that’s not all; Nielsen, in their study, found that 96% of businesses that invest in online video production enjoy higher sales conversion. As a sharp business entrepreneur, these numbers speak for themselves. It is obvious that your services and products can enjoy more visibility through video marketing.

Getting Your Business to the Fore Using Videos

Well, the numbers are impressive, but when you get down to the marketing project, you need a professional videographer to create a customer-made production that will be shared rapidly. The difference between a User-Generated (USG) and one that is pegged on your business is all about the relevance.

With a customer-made, you promote your specific service or product unlike in a general one. More importantly, you are able to create a personalized touch to your marketing campaign because every aspect of it is authentic and has been developed using content from your business.

So, how do you give as much hype as possible to your business products or services? Take a look:

1. Brand name prominence: With a guru working on your promotional video production, there will be intense placement of your product and service name to ensure emphasis is laid where you need it.

2. Enhanced sharing factor: Your marketing campaign can only work if your product encourages sharing. This is done by integrating incentives including discounts for sharing and also providing a comments page where you must actively participate.

3. Integrate social media platforms: The whole idea is to get people talking and prodding others to view. As such, you also need to provide links of it on social media forums including Facebook and Twitter, among others. These platforms are popular for sharing and your production will go viral, especially if it is well-produced.

4. Leverage professionalism: As much as the modern shopper is looking for funny videos online, they will not go for poorly created products. This is the reason you need to hire a professional with the expertise and resources to create an effective one to market your business.

5. Incorporate a call-to-action: The advantage of creating it from scratch is the fact that you can add your own touch. One way of doing this is by including a call to action at the end of the production to egg viewers to either share, shop, go to your landing page or even call your company for more information.

Whatever way you look at promotional video production, there is no denying that it offers a lot of latent opportunities yet to be tapped. Why not be in the vanguard of applying this marketing technique and get an edge in your niche?

Learn The Basics Of Promotional Products

January 8th, 2017

Promotional products are basically free gifts that businesses give out to potential customers in an effort to generate future business. While these endorsements can range in size and value, they do have one thing in common: they are all branded with the name and/or logo of the business that is giving the merchandise away. The goal then is to leave a lasting impression, therefore, the bigger or better the quality of the advertising gifts, the more likely your business will see in an increase in sales as a result of the promotion.

Key Information

In order for your promotional products to make a lasting impression for your business, you must be sure to include pertinent information about your what you do. Specifically, you will want to be sure to include the business name or logo, some sort of identifying information such as company colors and/or slogan, as well as contact information for the business. This is the information that the potential customer will remember and, as a result, every opportunity to reach more customers should be effectively maximized to the benefit of your business.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Depending on the nature of your promotion, you may want to consider one or several of the many possible types of content or media. Some of the more popular types of content include advertising, direct marketing, product placement, premiums, prizes and mobile marketing, to name a few. Media, on the other hand, usually include print, broadcasting, and the Internet.

It’s important to differentiate between the various kinds of content or media for your particular business promotion. In addition, you may also want to consider using multiple forms of content or media, for example combining a direct marketing campaign, mobile marketing campaign and print media as a way to draw traffic to your business website. Another option would be to employ a brand ambassador along with handing out door prizes during a kickoff or grand opening event.

Making the Best Use of Your Merchandise

Even with the biggest or best promotional products, it is important to note that when and where you employ the use of those products is the key to the success of your endorsement campaign. While the grand opening of your business or rebranding event is clear and successful obvious choices, you may also want to consider taking advantage of conventions, trade shows or conferences. Conventions, trade shows, and conferences are the perfect venues to release branded products to the public because they increase your chances of reaching the biggest possible audience, or potential clientele, within the shortest amount of time.

How Effective Are USB Sticks As Promotional Products?

January 8th, 2017

Every business today is up against a whole host of competition, and many companies are turning to branding experts to help them stand out from the pack and win customers. Promotional merchandising is just one tool for doing this, yet it is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for businesses looking to build relationships with clients and associates.

While a lot of merchandising can seem gimmicky, there are many bespoke promotional products available on the market now that can help support the ‘wow’ impression that a company wants to make on its audience. Promotional USB stocks are just one way of doing that, but how effective are they and why should a business choose them?

The first advantage of promotional USB stocks is their practicality; whereas other popular merchandise such as pens and paper pads can be useful, promotional USB sticks are a modern tool for a modern world. For anyone who uses a computer for their work, a USB drive is an essential piece of kit to have on hand for saving those important documents or transferring files.

It can also be said that promotional USB sticks carry a touch of class that your regular promotional biro doesn’t. Whereas a plastic printed pen can look cheap and tacky, a USB drive can look as sleek and modern or as fun and quirky as a brand desires. Good quality USB drives are also more expensive for an individual to purchase than a pen, raising the perceived value of the product.

Due to their usability, promotional USB sticks are also kept around for a lot longer than other merchandise. Whereas pens run out, paper gets used up and mugs get chipped, USB drives tend to be held on to and used regularly. This continuous use increases brand awareness of the person using the item as well as all those people around them.

Promotional USB sticks also improve customer’s opinion of a company. As mentioned earlier, USB drives tend to be less ‘cheap’ than some other merchandising options, but the benefits don’t stop there. Everyone loves getting a freebie and promotional USB sticks are one way to have clients feeling positive about a brand or company because of the free ‘gift’ they have received.

Despite appearing highly valuable due to design and usefulness, promotional USB drives are actually a very cost-effective method of advertising meaning that a brand or company name is less likely to be forgotten. Whereas print advertisements have very little immediate use and can be discarded quickly or ignored, promotional merchandising can be kept for years.

Promotional USB sticks are guaranteed to be utilised to and appreciated for a long time, meaning any initial upfront cost is likely to pay back the company many times over in terms of building a positive image and winning over customers.

Another significant advantage of promotional USB sticks and promotional merchandise in general is that this method of branding and advertising can be used very strategically in terms of distribution and consumption. They can be given out as free gifts to passers-by outside a store or as part of a freebie package at a conference - the choice all depends on what a company wants to achieve.

So, are promotional USB sticks effective? In many ways, yes. These items offer a usability factor that is currently virtually unrivalled, meaning great results for building a positive and long-lasting brand image. These are items that will be greatly appreciated and create positive feeling between the brand and the recipient.

Promotional USB sticks are also great at conveying an image of modernity and professionalism when compared to cheaper merchandising, enhancing any brand. Finally, these items can be delivered to customers and associates in many ways - as an enticing free gift, as part of a welcome pack for new clients and many more - creating or continuing to build great professional relationships.

Fall Is Here: It’s Time to Start Thinking About Holiday Promotional Products

January 8th, 2017

Fall means pumpkins, turkey and football, but if you’re in business, it also means that it is time to start thinking about your corporate holiday gifts and promotional pieces. Planning for your Christmas and holiday gift giving early makes it easy to deliver truly well thought out items that will be appreciated - and cuts your own stress, too.

Custom Branding Makes an Impression
The gifts you send at the holidays need to make an impression on the recipients or there is no point in sending them at all. Choose pieces that are evergreen and make sure your message, logo, or branding is visible on the piece itself, not just the packaging. Your clients will be reminded of you throughout the year as they use the items you’ve selected for them.

Order Early for the Best Selection
The best promotional pieces will include your branding or logo, so you need to be sure that you have enough time to get the items you truly want. Your logo can be added in a variety of ways, from engraving to screen printing or heat transfer. Keep in mind that these techniques take time and planning your custom order early ensures that you are at the top of the list. Decide on your promotional pieces for the holidays and order early so you can be sure you get exactly what you need with your own professional branding.

Choose the Right Price Point
The price of the promotional pieces you choose matters in more ways than one. Not only will the cost of the item impact your budget, but depending on the business you are in, it can impact the recipient’s ability to accept the gift as well. Some corporations and government entities do not allow workers to accept gifts over a certain amount; choosing an item that strikes the right balance between perceived value and actual cost is a much. Most businesses with restrictions allow gifts under a set dollar amount, usually $25 or $50. If you are not sure, check with the business first to avoid sending a gift that must be declined.

Consider Delivery Options
Include shipping and delivery costs in mind when you shop for promotional products for the holidays. Will your employees or sales team deliver pieces in person, add them to orders or do you need to ship the finished items. Choosing products that ship easily and are not fragile makes delivery simple; oversized or breakable items may require careful handling and additional shipping charges.

No matter which promotional products you choose for your holiday marketing and giving, making the decision early gives you time to get the pieces you truly want and to arrange all of the delivery details. Ordering Christmas and holiday promo items in fall is a great way to offset some of the stress of the busy year end season.

Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Products With Sticky Screen Cleaners

January 8th, 2017

Using promotional products to boost your small business marketing efforts can really pay off if you learn how to make the most out of the products you choose. Nowadays a lot of really good promo product companies offer small business customers trendy, relevant products with some kind of microfiber screen cleaners attached.

Unique Gifts with a High Customer Value
Sticky screen cleaners are one of the hottest promotional products around. They have that unique quality that makes your customers and clients take a second look. Screen cleaners usually come in two forms, a loose microfiber towel with a company logo on it, for phones, tablets, or lenses or a screen cleaner sticker that sticks on the back of phone and tablets for safe keeping.

Why are these promo product handouts so popular? They have the added benefit of being highly useful. Instead of just another branded pen to toss in a bag, custom branded sticky screen cleaners can be attached right to the back of your customers’ phones to be used every time they need to wipe away the dirt and smudges on their touchscreens.

Low Cost, High Marketing Value
Among the many benefits of choosing sticky device cleaners are their low cost to you. Companies offer competitive bulk pricing discounts so that you can reach the widest audience possible at your trade show or company party. These are great hyper branding handouts that get your brand seen every single time someone uses their device, which is quite a lot.

Use Sticky Screen Cleaners Instead of Business Cards
A newer incarnation of the product are sticky phone cleaners that stick to the backs of business cards. A lot of times business cards end up in drawers or trash cans. I’m not kidding when I say my Father has a trash bag full of business cards from the hundreds of trade shows he has attended. Instead of a paper card that your contact will tuck away and potentially lose, the sticky screen cleaner attaches to the back of their phone. They’ll remember you every time they pick up their device.

There are several promo product companies that specialize in the screen cleaners, allowing you to customize your order with contact information and service offerings so that your potential customers and clients have all the information they need about your business every time they pick up their phone. How much more likely do you think that makes them to call you?

Measuring the ROI of Promotional Products

January 1st, 2017

Have you ever considered measuring the ROI of Promotional Products?

As a modern-day marketer, we are trained to question & measure the return on all marketing activities. I was recently asked by a fellow marketer how would I measure or rate promotional products against other forms of marketing techniques?

It was a fair question but it surprised me nonetheless, so I decided to build an experimental promotional marketing campaign while bringing the focus to ROI.

For the sake of this campaign, let’s say you want to measure the return on promotional materials to be used as giveaways for an event.

ROI of Promotional Giveaways for Events

Let’s assume that the event is expected to receive 1000 participants and out of those you can reasonably estimate that 40% of the participants are your targeted audience.

In other words, you are basically looking at running a promotional marketing campaign for 400 participants at the cost of 1000 participants, since you can’t find out which participant is your targeted audience by simply looking at them.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A popular event promotional giveaway, such as a custom keychain typically costs under $1 per piece. You will need 1000 keychains for all the participants in this particular campaign. So, your total estimated cost for this campaign would be $1000 (1000 keychains @ roughly $1 each + setup costs).

In other words, your direct cost of promotional marketing campaign would be: $1000 per 400 participants or $2.5 per participant (as you will end up wasting the remaining $600 worth of giveaways to the non-targeted audience)

The MATH behind the ROI of Reach

According to a research done by PPAI, an average promotional item kept over a year is seen by at least 2.5 additional targeted audiences by means of their original recipient. This is called as reach amplification, where your promotional product is exposed to other people intentionally or as a by-product of use.

In other words, if 400 participants used their promotional items for over a year, they will expose your brand name to 1000 more targeted audience. Simple speaking, by spending $1000 you managed to expose your brand name to at least 1400 targeted audience over the course of a year.

Therefore, the Cost per Impression (CPI) is $0.71 per targeted audience.

Now if you can just factor in your company conversion rates, it will give you a good idea on the ROI of this particular campaign.


Context of Use

The performance of a promotional item can be greatly affected by the context in which it is used. For example, a real estate agent giving away promotional keychains to his prospective clients can see an even better ROI as there will be very little waste.

Brand Resonance or Product Choice

It is vital to choose the right promotional product that connects with your brand & messaging. Just because a promotional product is exciting, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily drive home the intended message. You will need to find promotional products that resonate with your audience and carry your message through brand association.

For example, a moving company would benefit from giving away branded measuring tapes, a repair company may benefit from giving away branded repair tools and so on.

The perfect promotional item with the largest ROI will inevitably be one that takes into account brand messaging, costs constraints and customer interest equally. For example, our best-selling item house-shaped branded keychains are extremely successful for promotional marketing among real-estate agents.

How Promotional Products Help In Marketing Your Company

January 1st, 2017

There is no doubt that the marketing industry is an ever-evolving one. Since the early days of marketing, ad-people have been continually coming up with new and more interesting ways to promote a product, from posters to attach to walls and flyers to hand directly to potential customers, to the digital waves of the Internet with all its pop-ups, movie-quality videos and surprising Photoshop tricks. In a way, it has never been as easy to advertise something as it is today and, because of that it has become necessary to make a clear statement about a product and to deliver it to the right people at the right time.!

In complex times like ours, when information is all around us, with a lot of “noise” surrounding it, going back to the basics is a strategy that works extremely well almost all the time. The secret is to deliver the message clearly and in a way that your market will find it and will want to keep it. That’s where promotional products come into play: marketing made clear, pretty and useful. Design comes into the equation and precise printing techniques come with that.

The basics of on-product advertising are still the same as at the beginnings of the industry. You need to be known and, for that, you need your company’s name and brand clearly printed on a surface that will be visible whenever your client needs to remember it. Mugs, pens, golf balls, tee shirts are some of the most popular and effective ways to make your prospective client carry your business message. It will be at their fingertips anytime they write a note or when they have their afternoon coffee at the office. But in terms of more subtle messages, they can go on their child’s favorite stuffed toy, on a fun and wearable T-shirt, on a notebook, or on the cover of their iPad.

These are just the classics, to start with. From there, you can have almost any kind of promotional product that your imagination can come up with.

How to choose, then?

First of all, your company has to be closely related to the promotional product you are choosing for advertising your brand. There has to be a certain link between where the product shall be placed and the purpose of your company. Then, it needs to be, in some way, useful for your prospective client or it should have some decorative quality so it won’t end up in the trash bin any time soon. It needs to be fashionable and attractive but without ever losing the purpose of showing your company’s name and a message related to it.

Quality of the promotional product is of the up most importance, because people don’t like to collect trashy objects, either at work or at home, so you need to invest in such marketing products that will la stand look good. However, this investment will give you a nice return - we can print THAT in bold letters!!

On Planning The Production Of Promotional Pens

January 1st, 2017

Practically everyone makes use of a pen. This is the reason promotional pens make excellent giveaways. People will easily see them as useful and may even get to be grateful to the company which offered this to them as a free gift especially if the pen turns out to be durable.

However, even as promotional pens are effective marketing instruments, it does not necessarily mean that any type of pen will serve the advertising needs of a given company. As in any marketing plan, the choice of materials has to be carefully studied.

The same thing holds true in the case of pens. A good starting point in this regard is identifying what and where the pens will be used. For example, if the pens are meant to be used as a tool of the company sales team, they should logically bear the logo of the firm, its official color, and if space permits, the motto or slogan of the company.

Additionally, as a sales tool, company pens should carry a unique style apart from reflecting a distinctive sophistication. This helps creates a good impression among customers and will serve as recall criteria when it comes to potential clients.

Obviously, the quality of the pen will be a primary consideration. No one will ever want a pen that easily breaks, skips when writing, or loses its ink after a few uses. These lapses may be considered minor, but people will see them as a reflection of the kind of service that the company is set to offer its customers. This may not necessarily be true, but unfortunately, public perception is often guided by first impressions.

As such, the development of promotional pens has to be strictly supervised. Needless to say, quality control has to be top-notch, and this should include employing technologies that are state-of-the-art.

Opting to have a wide range of pens can also be a wise idea. This should be especially useful if the company serves a diverse set of clientele. Among the types of pens worth considering are executive pens, fine liner pens, fountain pens, and retractable pens. Recycled pens and refills should also come highly recommended given the growing concern about the state of the environment.

Indeed, there is more to promotional pens than just being simple company giveaways. A lot of planning and hard work is involved in the production of these special types of pens simply because they have a few other uses apart from being writing tools.

The Top 8 Best Selling Promotional Products

January 1st, 2017

As a leading marketing specialist, we have a wide array of promotional products and items to choose from.

The company’s inventory includes ready-to-use items, sports gear, clothing, accessories and many other options. In addition, the company offers customized promotional giveaways-most especially for those who want to make their marketing efforts even more unique.

Here are 8 of the company’s best selling items. Take a look at them-you’ll never know, but they just might be the one you’re looking for:

1. Rubber Keychains - this option can be a perfect giveaway, most especially for businesses belonging in the clothing and fashion industry. It can also be a good giveaway option for businesses offering outdoor products and activities, and other related industries.

2. Pens - conventional pens, stylus pens and other writing instruments are not only interesting handouts, but they can be pretty useful as well. For promotion purposes, strategically place your business logo or name, as a reminder of who they got their giveaway from. Yes-this handout may be simple, but you’ll be surprised at how effective it can actually be.

3. Lanyards - this promotional product can be used for everyday use. Choose the colour that people can associate with your company or brand. This is made of polyester, for added durability. For promotional purposes, print your product name-to remind people how good your company really is.

4. Silicone Wristbands - this product is made of 100% silicone and comes in different sizes and colours. Just choose that particular colour that symbolizes your business-and you’re good to go! It comes in sizes for children and adults, with a PMS color matching on the band.

5. Ice Scrapers - this promotional giveaway can be a very unique option-and your recipients are bound to appreciate them. It comes in different colours and is made of recycled materials. This product is designed with a 1/4 inch thick blade for heavy duty ice scraping, with a ribbed grip handle for more efficient handling.

6. Tote Bags - this product comes with interesting designs and colours. It also comes in different styles, and which you can even customize depending on your preference. This is recyclable and reusable-which can be very good for long term promotion. Its large space likewise allows you to strategically place or print your company name or logo, which can be effective for branding and name-recall purposes.

7. Mugs - who doesn’t love a hot cup of java or chocolate? With this promotional handout, you can rest assured that users will be reminded of you every time they take a sip of their favourite drink. This option is made of ceramic, with a C-handle for better gripping. It also comes in various colours, which means you can always find that specific design and style that will suit your image or brand.

8. Swivel USB Drives - with the digital age we are now in, using this product for your promotional campaigns is bound to impress your clients. It comes in different colours - and all you need to do is just pick that particular one that will match your taste or brand. Imprint it with your company name or logo, for easier name recall. Each USB has a storage capacity of 4GB.

Will Embroidered Hats, Custom Hoodies and Other Promotional Products Improve Your Bottomline?

January 1st, 2017

The Importance of Promotional Giveaways and Gifts

Promotional products provide you with the brand exposure you need. According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), which is the biggest and longest running not-for-profit promo products organization in the world, the use of promotional products has the highest rate of recall, reach and ROI in the advertising industry. It reported that 83% of the people they surveyed liked receiving promotional items and 53% use the products every week. These could be anything from embroidered sweatshirts and hats, t-shirts, mugs, custom jackets, and others.

Another research done by the British Promotional Merchandise Association revealed that recipients, on average, would keep items like a promotional bag for as long as 8 months. Just think of the exposure your brand gets from people to whom you gave away your promotional products to. They are certainly more cost-effective compared to a newspaper ad which can only be seen for a day or two, at the most.

Using Promotional Products to Market Your Business

The great thing about these products is that they can quickly spread word about your business. People love receiving free items and they will not hesitate to use your promo item especially if the quality is good. And the more often they use your promotional gift, the better the exposure you get.

Here are some ideas on how to use promotional items like custom jackets, shirts, string bags, and hats:

1. Use them as way of saying “thank you” to loyal customers. Make the gesture more personalized by giving them an item that has been embroidered with your company logo and perhaps include a message like “You’re our #1 customer!” if your budget allows.

2. Give it to deserving employees in order to recognize their hard work and outstanding achievements. Giving items like promotional pens may be nice, but your employees will value your gift more if it’s extra special such as a jacket with your company logo on it or a good quality cap. The good news is, you can buy embroidered caps with no minimum purchase online so you can ensure you don’t go over your budget.

3. Use your promo products as prizes in contests. If you have a social media account such as a Facebook Page, you can hold a contest and award the winners with quality and useful promotional items. This will not only give you the much needed exposure but will also generate goodwill from your customers and would-be customers.

Choose promotional items that people will appreciate and consider useful, and this strategy will surely improve your bottom line.